Looking to pack up the family and plunder Puerto Rico? Want to see the itinerary for this year’s Castaway Beach Bash? Want ten reasons to go to Anguilla…as if you need even one right! All this and more in this week’s addition of the Caribbean Wrap Up!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Top 10 Family-Friendly Adventures in Puerto Rico: Whisking the family off on a fantastical Puerto Rican vacation? Forget to draft a family-fun itinerary? Don’t worry –entrants of our Puerto Rico Family Adventure Sweepstakes have enough suggestions to pack your to-do list. –Story by ISLANDS.com

The Historic Bahia Honda Bridge: Between 1905 and 1912, Henry Flagler and his crews built the Florida East Coast Railway that ran from Miami to Key West. The Bahia Honda Channel was very deep compared to the other crossings and a different approach to bridging it was required. –Story by BahamaBob

Caribbean Without Crowds: Quiet, Beautiful Beaches: There are still some Caribbean beaches where you can relax in relative solitude. Check out these quiet beaches before everyone else finds out about them. –Story by EagleCreek.com

Castaway Beach Bash Itinerary: In one month (August 14-17) Castaways will be flying to the sandy shores of Bolongo Bay Resort on St. Thomas for a fun filled four days of island relaxation, rum appreciation, and island hopping. For those of you that are going here is the itinerary for the beach bash. –Story by RumShopRyan

Anguilla: 10 Reasons to Go: Anguilla was mapped as a tourist spot in the mid-1980s and has become an island known among the glitterati for luxe resorts, private villas and pristine beaches all sans paparazzi. For the rest of us, we find resorts so close to the sea that you can have your morning coffee with your feet in the sand. Story by TropixTraveler.com

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story. Thank you!


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