I’ve found myself day dreaming about the islands a lot lately. They are always top-of-mind, but the last couple days my salty mind has been awash in blue water and island time. Maybe because March was my last trip to el Carib, maybe because next week is the Castaway Beach Bash, either way withdrawals are setting in. All I know is this Week’s Caribbean Wrap Up is full of amazing island stories that will have you too awash in blue water day dreams as well.

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Hello, Heaven – 10 Reasons to Visit the Caribbean Island of Martinique: Martinique is probably not the first place that comes to mind for Caribbean travel. But if you’re willing to go off the beaten island-hopping path, this French-speaking oasis can be worth the effort. –Story by Yahoo Travel

St. Lucia, The sweet life: Cocoa has flourished in St Lucia for four centuries and chocolate is now big business, celebrated with its own heritage month. -Story by the Independent

VIDEO: The Beauty of Bequia:  The Arawaks called it the “island of the clouds.” This is Bequia in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and it’s easy to understand their thinking. –Story by Caribbean Journal

What to Do on Your Cozumel Cruise Stop: Got 4 hours? A day? Make the most of your Cozumel travel time with these activities and ideas. –Story by ISLANDS Magazine and Brooke Morton

New Cruz Bay Webcam Debuts: The folks over at Grande Bay recently launched a brand new website. And with that new website came a brand new webcam. It’s perched high atop the resort and has an incredible view of Cruz Bay harbor. –Story by News of St. John

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story. Thank you!


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