Friday’s are one of my favorite days of the week. Not because the weekend is kicking into gear, but because it gives me the chance to share some amazing stories about the Caribbean with you.

All week I read amazing island stories, I keep a list of the ones that stand out, then consolidate the best into the Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up. It’s a routine that both keeps me up-to-date on Caribbean happenings, but also has me excited to share each and every Friday.

This week’s Caribbean Wrap Up has an fascinating story about Martinique and its St. Pierre volcano. If you read any story, read that one, I think you’ll really enjoy it. Other stories talk about 10 classic Caribbean beach bars, what to do and see in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, and a beautiful photo tour of the streets of Cuba.

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

St Pierre – Mountain of Death: Once, St Pierre was a center of French elegance and pleasure, the pride of the French Caribbean, “the Paris of the Antilles”. But one morning the mountain behind the town blew apart, wiping out the town and killing almost all its 30,000 people. James Ferguson revisits the Martinique volcano, exactly 100 years on. –Story by Caribbean Beat

10 Classic Caribbean Beach Bars : Sometimes you want to go somewhere everybody knows your name – or at least where you’re guaranteed to get a great rum punch or local beer. Check out this list (in no particular order) of our favorite Caribbean watering holes, and then start plotting your plan of rum-fueled attack. –Story by Caribbean Journal

What to See and Do in North Sound, Virgin Gorda: North Sound is an area of water on the northern tip of Virgin Gorda that is edged not only by Virgin Gorda, but by the  smaller islands of Moskito, Prickly Pear and Saba Rock. North Sound not only offers protected anchorage, lovely resorts, good dining options and watersports, it is a visual treat with beautiful green hills and colorful villas set against it’s stunning blue waters. –Story by

Beautiful Portraits from Cuba by Paul Elledge: Paul Elledge has a new gallery on his website, from his recent teaching exchange in Cuba. Here’s a taste of some of the images. We’re continually inspired by Paul’s ability to capture the unique experience, spirit, and essence of the many places around the world he turns his photographic eye to. –Story by

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum: Do you have the latest RumShopRyan shirts yet?! Ladies here are some different styles for you. Guys, here’s some for you. Cheers!

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story. Thank you!


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