The world’s largest rum tasting….sign me up! The best conch salad on Grand Bahamas…I’ll take two! Exploring Bridgetown on Barbados…Mount Gay me please!

These topics and more in this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

World’s Largest Rum Tasting: Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell to stage the world’s largest rum tasting to kick off UK Rum Fest. –Story by

Island Bites: Finding Grand Bahama’s Best Conch Salad: If you’re a conch salad craver, you’ll want to add Grand Bahama’s Billy Joe’s to your must-eat list. This rustic, decades-old seaside set-up next to Freeport’s Grand Lucayan serves one of the best conch salads I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. –Story by Caribbean Journal

19 Caribbean UNESCO World Heritage Sites: There are nineteen UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Caribbean across 10 islands – 14 with the cultural designation and 5 with the natural designation. Cuba dominates with 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. –Story by Caribbean & Co

Exploring Barbados: Things to do in Bridgetown: Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados (or B’dos as the locals know it) scores high on vibrancy and buzz, as a city rammed with culture and the energetic pulse of its people. An eclectic fusion of grand, handsome historical sites and monuments, and a brash, modern mishmash of buildings and shopping malls, there are plenty of things to do in Bridgetown, whatever your persuasion. –Story by Virgin Atlantic

The Top Five Romantic Spots on Bonaire: Sensational Sunsets and crystal-clear turquoise water are just some of the magical ingredients that makes Bonaire de ideal destination for romance and relaxation. I have found the perfect romantic hotspots for you on one of the most romantic Caribbean islands and love to share them with you. –Story by Bonaire Best

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