Another week, another Caribbean Wrap Up. This week includes a fascinating story about about Dominica from our friends at Uncommon Caribbean, the low-down on an undiscovered Caribbean island, a few of the most romantic Caribbean restaurants and an island-style Caribbean curry recipe.

Enjoy these great stories!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

The Caribbean’s Undiscovered Island:  The town of Oranjestad is a winding, cobblestone-covered collection of mostly 18th century Dutch colonial buildings and scattered small homes. Squint for a moment, you can see something else — a few outdoor cafes; a street trumpeter; a few tourists taking snapshots of the old walls; the hum of an art gallery. But you don’t see these things, because this town, and the island of St Eustatius, has yet to be discovered. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Uncommon Attraction – Mystical L’Escalier Tête Chien, Dominica: On the surface, it looks like just another well-placed lookout perch offering dramatic views of another wind-swept Caribbean coastline. But there’s a lot more to L’Escalier Tête Chien than pretty scenery. In fact, for those who believe local Kalinago legend, there could scarcely be a more sacred spot in all of Dominica. –Story by Uncommon Caribbean

Island Style Curry Pork Recipe:  This curry pork is absolutely delicious.. tender pieces of pork, simmered in a delightful curry sauce which is not heavy and wickedly spicy if you break the scotch bonnet when cooking. The key here is to try and get pieces of pork with bones.. lean pork will work, but the bones gives it that extra layer of flavor. –Story by

Staying at the Blue Lagoon in Jamaica: Enticingly tucked away on the eastern edge of Jamaica’s northern shore, near the harbour city of Port Antonio, lies the Blue Lagoon. This popular tourist spot has the best of what Jamaica and the Caribbean has to offer and almost all of the elements that comprise a luxurious tropical getaway. –Story by

Most Romantic Caribbean Restaurants: When it comes to teeing up some tropical romance, you can go old school with a loaf of bread and a jug of wine, but why would you? Not when the Caribbean has so many comely spots to linger over snapper en crouté and a tart vinho verde. Add a soupçon of soft trade wind and a soundtrack of murmuring waves and you’ve got romantic bliss. -Story by

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