Good day Castaways! I think you’re really going to like this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up. New amazing rum bar…check. Lobster Festival in the BVI…check. Exploring the treasure that’s known as Saba…check. Relaxing on a floating bar on St. John…check.

Yeah, like I said, it’s a good week! Cheers!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Rum Journal: This Is the Caribbean’s Best New Rum Bar: In a Caribbean full of bars, less full of proper rum bars (that is, bars that focus exclusively on rums from around the region), there’s a new place that understands the complicated physics of rum. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Lobster Fest in the BVI: Anegada Lobster Festival November 29-30, 2014. During Lobster Fest the locals restaurants and beach bars will serve up mouthwatering lobster anyway you want it – grilled, broiled, jerked, curried, ceviche and even stewed. –Story by

6 Beautiful Dutch Caribbean Islands: Among the island territories of the Dutch Caribbean are hidden gems where tourists can experience thrilling adventures or relaxing getaways. All part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the six islands are known for their friendly inhabitants and laidback attitudes. –Story by

Saba – Your Unspoiled Caribbean Paradise: Saba has resisted mega tourism, and what you will discover is an authentic island experience. There are no mega resorts, casinos, cruise ships, vendors, litter, pesky insects, traffic lights, fast food restaurants, and crime statistics. –Story by

Angels Rest, St. John: Angels Rest, a 40 ft. pontoon boat and bar, was on our list of places to visit while in St. John recently. We’d seen Angels Rest a few years ago while driving past Coral Bay, but with the recent buzz about it, we were on a mission to find out more. –Story by Rum Therapy

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