Let’s go island hopping in this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up!

We start off in the Bahamas with the announcement of the 2015 Festival Rum Bahamas. Then we sail south to find out what to do on Bonaire above the water. We head back up to the Bahamas and pay Cat Island a visit. Finally we sink our toes in the sand on St. Lucia at Sugar Beach.

Ahhhh, I feel more relaxed already. Cheers!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Festival Rum Bahamas 2015: Save the date! Feb. 27th-March 1st, 2015. One of the biggest rum events of the year. See you there. –Story by RumConnection.com

21 Cheapest Nonstop Flights to the Caribbean: For a quick weekend getaway, you want a nonstop flight with cheap airfare and fast travel time. Luckily, 21 Caribbean destinations have cheap nonstop flights from Miami. –Story by ISLANDS.com

5 things to do in Bonaire (besides scuba dive): Bonaire has long been known for world-class diving and snorkeling. Between the pristine coral reefs of the Bonaire Marine Park and year-round crystal clear waters, it’s no wonder readers of Scuba Diving magazine have consistently ranked Bonaire among the best locations in the world for scuba diving. However, there’s so much more to do on this tiny Dutch Caribbean island. –Story by A Luxury Travel Blog

Run away to…Cat Island!: The sand is so white that it almost glows. The azure-blue ocean fans out beneath a sky so pure, open, and unending that it made you wonder if the rest of the world actually exists. Cat Island may not be the most well-known Bahamian island, or the largest, or the smallest, but it is something truly special. –Story by IslandRunaways.com

Sugar Beach, St. Lucia – Welcome to Fantasy Island: Nestled between the Island’s Famed Pitons, Sugar Beach is a haven just waiting to be discovered. Although there was no Tattoo to greet us, there was a wonderful staff that whisked us away to our rooms. –Story by Travel Pulse

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