Bareboat sailing, underwater rum, rainforest monkeys, and a “secret” island…these stories will hopefully tempt your salty island soul to chuck winter out the window and plan an adventure to the warm sand of the Caribbean. I know my mind was racing with island fantasies as I put this post together! Cheers!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Underwater Aging of Spirits Proves Sucessful: Underwater aging that has been tried and successfully used by my friend Walker Romantica with his “Seven Fathom” rum is now being touted by the wine industry as successful.  This is the process that is used to age the rum in Caribbean Sea seven fathoms below the surface off the coast of Grand Cayman.  –Story by Bahama Bob

The Best-Kept Secret in the British Virgin Islands:  The sand is white. Not off-white, not golden. There are vibrant beach restaurants, welcoming watering holes and empty roads. Not to mention that this place has a lobster surplus — waters overflowing so much with lobster that the island has begun an annual lobster festival. –Story by Caribbean Journal

We’re Hooked on Bareboat Sailing the BVI and Think You Should Be Too: About a year ago, some travel blogging friends invited us to join their flotilla of three catamarans on a bareboat sailing excursion across the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Not knowing what to expect, we were thrilled by the idea of a new adventure. We’ve just returned and are hooked! Read on to see why we and thousands of other travelers agree that bareboat sailing is the best way to see the BVI. –Story by Caribbean Soul Trekkers

Caribbean Cocktail Recipes – Camana Bay Grand Cayman: I hope you’re thirsty! -Story by

Monkeys, marinas and money in the wild Caribbean: Because if the cobalt Caribbean waters, the tucked-away beaches, the lush rainforest and the sugar-sweet locals aren’t enough to make you want to stay in St. Kitts forever, the melt-your-heart primates scampering around every turn will seal the deal. –Story by the New York Post

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story. Thank you!


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