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Hey Castaways, I wanted to help my friend Mad Greg of the Mad Gringo clothing line out with his final act, the last hurrah, the grand finale, the fat lady has sung, no mas, roll the credits, no more enchiladas. This kickstarter campaign is your last chance to grab a piece of the Mad Gringo. Cheers!

Do you remember me? The Mad Gringo?

I was interviewed by Rum Shop Ryan back in 2010.

My company is going the way of the Dodo. Extinct. Kaput. Buh-bye.

Mad Gringo is no more.

So, to help with my grief I am taking my favorite fan photo:

And using it for inspiration. A way to remember the fun times and the Go Slow lifestyle.

It starts with a book: The Legend of Mad Gringo

Mad Gringo Book
And goes on to include a little commemorative Go Slow Tropical Shirt and Worlds Best Tshirt.
Mad Gringo Shirts

(rumor has it they may be worth very little someday)

There’s even a chance for someone with money to burn to become the next Mad Gringo.

Mad Gringo shirts

Check out the final Mad Gringo project on Kickstarter.

Watch the video above and pick up a Go Slow Tropical Shirt before they disappear forever.

Go slow amigos.

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