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After one sip, you’ll be knee deep in the waves of Seven Mile Beach.

It’s that time of day, time to soak in that cotton candy sky full of dazzling reds, purples and blues. The transition between day and night is always a special occasion and it should be celebrated–especially when watching from the beach.

Your toes are buried in the soft white sand of Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman, the calm Caribbean waters lap at the shore and you watch as the sun dips into the sea. What could possibly be missing from this seemingly perfect experience?

A Boat Drink of course!

During a recent trip to Grand Cayman I was lucky enough to witness a couple of these stunning Caribbean sunsets. There I was sitting in a cabana at the Westin Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa, watching the sky turn into a kaleidoscope of colors. A cold Caybrew was resting in my hand, but it didn’t quite fit the moment. A scene like this calls for something more. Perhaps a glass of champagne or special boat drink.

That moment persuaded me to  find the perfect drink to pair with a Grand Cayman sunset and I didn’t have to look far. The Beach House Restaurant at the Westin has a stylish bar and some talented bartenders. Bob is one of those master mixologists and he had the perfect cocktail to go with that beautiful Cayman sunset.

Named the 312 Clematis, this cocktail can’t be found on the drink menu at the Beach House. It’s a special concoction Bob created that looks just like one of those special sunsets, and it pays respect to his good friend Spencer Antle, the CEO and Creative Director at Island Company. 312 Clematis is the street address for Island Company headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Enough talk, who’s thirsty? Let’s watch Bob mix up a 312 Clematis.

312 Clematis Boat Drink Recipe

  • 2oz. Kettle One Vodka
  • 1.5oz. Chamboard
  • 1.5oz. Disaronno Amaretto
  • 1.5oz. Fresh Lime Juice
  • 1oz. Simple Syrup
  • Splash of Club Soda

Mix Instructions: Combine all ingredients in shaker. Shake like a mad man. Strain into tall glass with ice. Top with Club Soda. garnish with a lime. Raise glass and toast.

Sunset in a glass…yeah I can handle that. The cocktail tasted great and recommend all of you Castaways mix one up yourself at home. Better yet, head to Grand Cayman and have Bob mix one for you! Your toes will be buried in the sand of Seven Mile Beach with the perfect drink in your hand. Now that’s a moment.

Westin Grand Cayman Drink recipe

Thank you to Bob and the staff at the Westin Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa for their time during this video.


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