There’s no greater feeling than being out on the water. The sun on your skin, wind in your hair, tossing anchor in a blue-water bay, and relaxing to the sway of the sea–boating is a passion that gets into your DNA.

If you’re a reader of this site then there’s a good bet that you, like me, love the boating/sailing lifestyle. My closet is stuffed with beach bar shirts and hats I’ve collected during my sailing and island hopping travels. They are all reminders of special moments. One thing that happens quite a bit when wearing one of these shirts, is that other people that have been to that island or beach bar stop me and ask about the location. Stories are shared and you instantly know you now have something in common with this stranger.

I recently stumbled upon a website called I was looking for some sailing gear and found a treasure trove on this site. They have a great selection for both men and women and being that it is the holiday season, I thought I’d share the find with all you Castaways.

Here are a few items that I liked that will soon be finding there way into my closet.

i love my boat clothing

i love my boat clothing


i love my boat clothing

For the lady Castaways…

Boating clothing

Boating clothing

And there’s plenty more to see on

We love boats. All boats. Small, large, ugly, stylish – all boats. Power or sail, fast or slow, bunked or slipped, there is something about boats that captures our hearts. It’s a lifestyle. It’s what we think about all week when at work or otherwise keeps us from our passion. Some boats are grand illusions. Some are simple, yet grand in their simplicity. Most are floating. Some shouldn’t be. Whatever condition or size of the boat we have admiration. Whether it be the 14 year old with the 12 foot duck boat that you rescued from grandpa’s back shed, or the family of five happily pack into the v-berth and cuddy in their 23, or even the “120 footer” from BVI that bears not only the owners name, but his picture on the stern; we love them all. We are boaters.

Let me know what item are going to make it onto your Christmas shopping list and into your closet!


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