The anticipation of traveling to the Caribbean, or anywhere for that matter, is half the fun. You plan, you research, you dream, and cotton candy and rainbows fill your head. Nothing can stand in the way of that beach bar boat drink on your St. Somewhere.

I’ve learned through my travel experience that mishaps can and do occur. Sometimes you just go with the flow, but certain situations call for your full attention.

Lost or stolen passport, I’ve been there. Jump in the blue water of White Bay on Jost and forget your cell phone is in your pocket, yup I know many that have. I’m looking at you Mango Eddie. Ever planned a Caribbean cruise but a hurricane had other plans? Crazy things can and do happen. You need to protect yourself.

The Bimini Passport Mess

I wrote about my Bimini passport disaster here, but for a quick refresher it was almost a trip that didn’t happen.

Two days before I met up with Mr. Rum Connection and Shawn of Coastlines & Tan Lines for a weekend trip to Bimini, I started packing and went to get my passport where I always keep it. It wasn’t there.

I tore apart the house three times but found nothing. Panic, anxiety, and anger fill my veins. My first trip to the amazing island of Bimini was looking in doubt. Air and hotel costs blowing away with the sea breeze.

Luckily a 3am drive to the Miami Passport Agency, a really nice agent, and a 90mph dash up Interstate 95 to Ft. Lauderdale saved my trip. Many people aren’t as lucky, or even worse, lose their passport when they are in a foreign country. Situations like this make a travel insurance with a company like Protect My Bubble a true life-saver.

White Bay Claims Another Phone

It was 14 Castaways and myself, we all loaded up into a taxi and made our way to the Red Hook ferry terminal on St. Thomas in the USVI. Our destination was the sand of White Bay on Jost Van Dyke in the BVI.

We jump into our Dolphin Water Taxi and head out. Because this was a promotional ferry trip for us, they were allowed to serve beer and rum punch on the boat ride over. As you can imagine the excitement of a day on Jost had us enjoying the rum and the waves.

We arrived to White Bay and tossed anchor. To get ashore you have to jump in the water and swim up to the beach. That’s how the Soggy Dollar Bar there got its name.

In the excitement, my friend Mango Eddie, a Castaway and fellow Caribbean blogger from Caribbean Soul Trekkers, must have forgotten that shiny iPhone in his pocket. Splash.

I think most of us know what happens when sensitive electronics get wet. Done.

I’m sure he had a lot of information and photos from the trip on the phone. It’s a truly heart-wrenching experience that I’m sure that more than a few of us have lived through.

Mango Eddie Soggy Dollar Bar

The above photo is a photo of Mango Eddie at the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost, this is after his iPhone took a swim yet he is all smiles. I’m guessing the Painkiller drinks had something to do with that!

Again, having protection from at least the cost of your device make the loss a little easier to handle. Another instance where a specialty insurance policy can help.

If you have a travel mishap or disaster story that you can look back on and laugh about, then I would love to hear about it. If you can’t laugh about it yet, don’t worry about it, no tears here!




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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Protect Your Bubble. The opinions and text are all mine.


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  1. Don & Patty December 29, 2014 at 10:23 am

    Last year, on St Marten, prior to sailing on the Island Windjammers SAGITTA, I was being very responsible in the hotel in hiding and safeguarding our passports. The only problem was, that I did it after a couple of Rum Punches and forgot where I hid them. When we were packing up and getting ready to board the ship I looked in the normal hiding place and thought they were stolen .. After, what seemed like an eternity of panic but was only several minutes my wife found them where I placed them in plenty of time…Having a scare like this did make us more aware of what can happen for real if they were lost or stolen and has made us a bit more responsible in protecting them. We also now have a special credit card that we only use while on trips so it won’t affect the places where our normal card is used if it got lost, compromised or stolen.. Thankfully the ship controls the passports while sailing so you don’t have to worry about them during the cruise.. Jammers D & P..

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