Winter Sucks.

What is the temperature where you’re at? It’s even cold here in south Florida. I heard that Jacksonville got ice and Penacola had single digit temps. That’s just not right. All I know is that the sun is shining and it’s 80 degrees in the Caribbean. Who’s up for a little escape?

If you can’t physically escape right now, how about a mental escape. This week’s Caribbean Wrap Up has us bouncing to islands like Tobago, Dominica, and Bonaire. Then to warm the insides Bahama Bob shows us a new rum drink and we learn how to make Caribbean Stew Short Ribs. Enjoy the escape!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Sherry and Rum: New Cocktail Partners: For many years now, rums have been aged in portion in the sherry barrels from Don Pablo Pedro Ximenez, although this is one of the sweeter Sherries, the idea for mixing sherry with rum seems like a viable idea. Bahama Bob’s Dry Sherry Daiquiri. – Story by Bahama Bob

This Caribbean Island Is Growing New Coral Reefs: The threats facing coral reefs in the Caribbean are not new — neither is the reality of their dwindling numbers. But one island is doing something to save them: by growing new coral. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Uncommon Attraction – Kalinago Head Carvings, Dominica:  Easter Island it is not, but these miniature head carvings are quite captivating nonetheless. You can find them in the Kalinago Barana Auté, or KBA for short, the magical slice of Dominica better (and disparagingly) known as The Carib Territory. -Story by Uncommon Caribbean

Caribbean Stew Short Ribs: I’m a lover of Caribbean food and i’m a lover of soul food – why not put the two together? There’s nothing like a little spice in your life. All of my people from the West Indies and Caribbean know about this all too well. Today, we’re taking a trip to the tropic waters of the Caribbean sea with a dish that packs as much of a punch as it does flavor. – Story by

Exploring the Beautiful Island of Tobago: Tobago is a great holiday destination in the Caribbean as there are lots of festivals and major events throughout the year. As with so many ethnic backgrounds blending together, there are numerous celebrations showcasing the vibrant culture and heritage of the island which enchants visitors and locals alike. Plus the fragrance of curry, fish, fruits and spices fill the air and entice the appetite. -Story by Caribbean & Co.

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story. Thank you!


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