Deserted islands and private islands, that’s what sits just south of Bimini in the Bahamas. I’m talking about the deserted Gun Cay and the private island of Cat Cay. During the first ever Castaway Cruise happening this April, we’ll be visiting them both.

Gun Cay and Cat Cay (pronounced Key) sit on the western edge of the Grand Bahama Bank and the Eastern edge of the powerful Gulf Stream current. Truly islands in the stream.

We will be taking the 72′ motor yacht named Mermaid Tales the 47 nautical miles from Miami to these small yet beautiful islands Bahamian islands. I have been to Bimini before, but this will be my first time exploring Gun and Cat Cays. Excitement builds every day!

How much do we really know about these islands? Let’s take a closer looks.

Cat Cay, Bahamas

Cat Cay is actually North Cat Cay and South Cat Cay. The north is the private island which is pictured above. North Cat Cay is a small private island in the Bimini chain of The Bahamas. It is named after the “cat line” of a sailing vessel which it resembles, and was once used by the pirate Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard.

Today the island has a 9-hole golf course, small airstrip, large marina, and gorgeous homes. It’s a private island so visitors coming in on boats aren’t allowed to explore the island. They are however welcome to enjoy lunch, dinner, and a good rum punch at Bu’s Marina Bar. That’s we’ll be doing.

Gun Cay, Bahamas

Gun Cay is where an old lighthouse is located, perfect for photos and letting your imagination run wild. Gun Cay is less than 10 miles south of Bimini and a popular anchorage for boaters. Its north end, which is where the anchorage is, has a beautiful beach area known as Honeymoon Harbour. Honeymoon Harbour is pictured below. I believe Captain Mike will be anchoring Mermaid Tales here one evening during the Castaway Cruise.

Gun Cay is a great spot for snorkeling, beach exploration and you can bet I’ll be hiking to that lighthouse to be taking some photos. There’s just something special about an old lighthouse.

Gun Cay Bahamas

Gun Cay Bahamas

Gun Cay Bahamas

I’ve heard that Gun Cay also has some friendly stingrays that will come up to you looking for food. You’ll be able to touch and photograph them.

Gun Cay Bahamas

These islands sit just just 50 miles from the metropolis of Miami, but they might as well be on the other side of the world. They are remote and not over-run by tourism. They are a boating destination, one of quiet relaxation. That’s exactly what we are going to be doing.

If you are interested in the Castaway Cruise click here for details. There’s still one cabin open for a couple people. You can also email Captain Mike at CaptMikeTEYC (at)

Cheers to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas!

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