Why aren’t there more floating bars in the Caribbean? I mean it just seems like they are a focal point where ever they are. Take the Willy-T in the BVI for example, the thing is a magnet for the boating community. Why don’t more people follow that lead? Well someone else has in Antigua, take a look at D-Boat in this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up. It’s a little different than the Willy-T, but a grand time none-the-less I’m sure.

Enjoy the island escape Castaways!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

The Caribbean’s Newest Floating Bar:  This bar is new and it isn’t going anywhere. But it could sail away if it wanted to. Its called D Boat, a new floating bar in Antigua made from an old oil tanker. –Story by Caribbean Journal

A Day Trip to Culebra: 17 miles off the northeast coast of Puerto Rico sits Culebra, one of the Spanish Virgin Islands. This quiet little island is a mere 12 square miles in size. Regardless of its relatively small stature, Culebra boasts several gorgeous beaches, one of which, Flamenco Beach, is frequently listed as one of the top 10 beaches in the Caribbean. –Story by Rum Therapy

The Baha Mar Resort in The Bahamas Delays Its Opening at The Very, Very Last Minute: The Baha Mar Resort in The Bahamas, a vacation destination that is to include a Rosewood Hotel, an SLS Lux property, a Grand Hyatt and the centerpiece Baha Mar Resort & Casino, has now pushed its opening back to May. –Story by hotelchatter.com

Curaçao – First-time visitor falls for this Caribbean charmer: Beautiful, breezy, and surrounded by crystal blue-green water and near-non-stop sunshine, Curaçao — the largest of the so-called “ABC” islands located off the coast of Venezuela — has the type of low-key charm that can make a first-time visitor a big-time fan. –Story by NJ.com

BVI Sailing Festival – Stunning courses, Fabulous parties: Sailors from all over the world have gathered at Nanny Cay Marina for the three-day BVI Sailing Festival (Mar 30-Apr 1), the pre-cursor to the BVI Spring Regatta which offers the international fleet the opportunity of tune-up races for the main event. The Festival courses are designed to showcase the stunning tropical islands and feature fabulous parties along the route. –Story by sailingscuttlebutt.com

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