I try to live a life of no regrets, but I do have one. I regret only spending 24 hours on Anguilla. That was the time allowed for us during our Island Windjammers cruise aboard Sagitta. 36, 48, 72, 1000 hours–no amount of time would not have been enough but every additional precious second more would have been a treasure.

How does one describe this island that sits just a few miles north of St. Martin? It boasts worlds class beach, luxury resorts, fine dining–but it’s so much more, it’s a feeling that its people give you as your explore. It’s friendliness, it’s authenticity, it’s true Caribbean hospitality. This article written about Anguilla by the New York Times has a line in it that says it perfectly I think.

“A kind of British St. Bart’s. Without the pretension, though — Anguillan style is a perfect paradox: unfussy chic, barefoot elegance.”

Barefoot elegance, I love it.

If you haven’t been to Anguilla yet…go. This video will help introduce you to joys of the Caribbean gem. The beaches, the food, and most of all the people.

Here is a fantastic video that went along with that New York Times story. How to spend 36 hours on Anguilla. While this is no where near enough time, it will give you just enough of a taste that you’ll be addicted like me.

If you’ve been to Anguilla, what is your favorite place to eat? Your favorite beach?


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