This week’s Caribbean Wrap Up takes you on a complete journey of the islands we love so much. First you have to get there and so you’ll learn how JetBlue is expanding flights to new islands. Then once you get there you’ll want to jump in the water, so read about the best snorkeling islands in the Caribbean. After you get out of the water you may be a tad hungry (and rum thirsty!), if so then check out this list of the best Caribbean restaurants. No trip to the islands is complete without some groovy reggae music; get up, stand up and walk in the footsteps of Bob Marley.

Enjoy the journey Castaways!

Caribbean Wrap Up

St. John – Popular Charter Business Lists for Sale: How many of you have been longing to trade your stateside job for endless days enjoying the beautiful waters of the Caribbean? Perhaps you’re already on island and are looking to purchase an established business here? Well look no further. We recently learned that our friends over at Sail Safaris have decided to list their popular business for sale. –News of St. John

JetBlue Keeps Expanding Into the Caribbean: Kudos to JetBlue for new flights to Antigua, Barbados and Cuba!  –Story by

The Best Caribbean Snorkeling Islands: It’s the Caribbean’s most precious resource. It’s right there. It’s beckoning you. You’re on the beach, taking in the sun, and you’re fascinated by what’s going on in the vast blue world right in front of you. It’s why so many people always pick up a mask and fins and decided to snorkel on their Caribbean getaways. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Best Caribbean Restaurants to Discover: With such variety on hand, where to dine can be difficult to decide, so here we round up some of the best and brightest of the Caribbean Islands’ foodie offerings, to help with those all-important gourmet decisions. –Story by

Get Up, Stand Up – Travel in the footsteps of Bob Marley: Marley’s music and life have come to embody the magic of Jamaica and visitors to the island will hear his songs virtually everywhere they go. Just as many travelers make the pilgrimage to Memphis to visit Elvis’ Graceland, so too will many visitors to Jamaica want to walk in the footsteps of Bob Marley and retrace his life. –Story by USA Today

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