I’m addicted. Are you?

I’ve been going through the Breaking Bad seasons as of late, which if you’ve been living in a thatch covered bungalow for the past 7 years with no TV, is a show about methamphetamine. A substance that users become addicted to.

While I don’t necessarily want to compare serious drug addiction to a Castaway’s island wanderlust addiction, their are similarities for those of us that think about the Caribbean constantly. Like many of you, I’m hopeless lost in the glowing blue waters, smiling locals, and smooth rum. The only way to tame the constant withdrawals is frequent escapes to St. Somewhere. I’m ready to go, are you?

The reason I mention all this whatnot about addiction is because this week’s Caribbean wrap up set my gray matter into a tailspin of day dreams. Coral reefs on Bonaire, Fish Soup, snorkeling from the beach, a Grand Cayman escape, and the best beaches of Barbados–see what I mean? It’s hard not to want it every single day.

Enjoy the temporary escape.

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

There’s Good News for Bonaire’s Coral Reefs: Bonaire’s coral reefs remain among the healthiest in the Caribbean. Although the island’s reefs have suffered bleaching disturbances similar to those plaguing reefs throughout the Caribbean, on Bonaire, it’s unique that the reefs are showing signs of recovery and a higher degree of resiliency. –Story by Bonaire Insider

Caribbean Fish Soup Recipe:  There are several variations to fish soups as you make your way up and down the island chain of the Caribbean, so there’s no surprise that I have several recipes in my repertoire. This version is very similar to the fish broff (broth) you’d find in Trinidad and Tobago. –Story by Caribbean Pot

The Best Caribbean Hotels for Snorkeling:  Snorkeling. It’s by far one of the most popular activities in the Caribbean, enjoyed by anyone and everyone, by travelers of almost all ages. These are the best hotels for snorkeling in the Caribbean, with one major criterion: there has to be easy snorkeling access right at the hotel — without the need for a boat excursion. –Story by Caribbean Journal

10 Best beaches in Barbados: It’s a land of rum and sun, and what better place to enjoy those two ingredients than on the best beaches of Barbados. –Story by telegraph.co.uk

Spending Two Perfect Days In Grand Cayman: While it’s definitely a popular destination for cruise ships, Grand Cayman is more than just a pit stop on an island hopping Caribbean vacation. The 76-square-mile island is home to just 50,000 residents, and despite the small town feel, there’s plenty to see and do. –Story by Forbes.com

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story. Thank you!



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