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Today is the day. It’s time to announce the winner of the Key West Express Drink Contest. It’s been one week, I received over 30 drink recipes, narrowed it down to 5 finalists, and now there’s just one drink standing.

Without further delay, the winner of the drink contest is…

5 Shots to the Wind – By Patricia Dean Paulson

  • One shot good dark rum (Mount Gay)
  • One shot fresh squeezed Florida orange juice
  • One shot Pineapple juice
  • One shot of coconut water
  • One shot of Coconut rum
  • Splash of Myers on top

Mixing Instructions: Mix up in shaker~Or Stir it Up Pour over ice,and garnish with a slice of good Ole Key Lime.

The drink’s story…

I was in Key West some years back,at a nightclub show with my sister in law..there was a lady that had to be escorted out, because she had quite a few too many libations. Lol…Man! I said that woman was 5 shots to the wind! Obviously I had had a few adult beverages myself, and meant to say she was 3 sheets to the wind. I knew it came out wrong as soon as I said it. When I got home I created 5 Shots to the Wind~the most delectable of Key West concoctions!

Congratulations Patricia! You’ll be receiving two tickets aboard the Key Wests Express and will have your drink served aboard the boat during your trip down.

If schedules allow, I will join you on your trip to take photos and sip on a couple 5 Shots to the Wind myself. It will be a great ferry ride down to that crazy rock.

Thank you to everyone that submitted a drink recipe. I will have more contests like this in the future for sure.


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