It’s two week until the next Castaway Cruise and my mind is already floating on the crystal blue waters of the Exumas. Getting lost on sand bars and diving for conch fill my thoughts by the minute. Oh, yeah…I’m suppose to be writing about the Caribbean Weekly Wrap up.

See what I mean…distracting.

I don’t know if you know this, but a big part of my nationality and my last name are Dutch. So there’s a special place in my heart for the Netherlands Antilles. That’s why island like Bonaire, Saba, and St. Eustatius pull on me just a little more. Those three islands have a spot in this week’s wrap up as does the best American rums, a lover’s guide to Aruba, the best hotels in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and an update on the Coral Bay Marina on St. John.

Enjoy the escape and I hope you don’t get too distracted. Or do I?

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Bonaire, Saba, and St Eustatius: Bonaire, St Eustatius, and Saba, also known as the “BES islands”, comprise the trio of Dutch territories called the Caribbean Netherlands. Luring many nature lovers and eco-tourists, all three islands boast excellent opportunities for diving, swimming, snorkeling, and hiking. –Story by

The Best American Rums — 2015: American rum has been getting consistently better in recent years, as more craft distillers pop up and the American palate keeps turning toward the Noble Spirit. These are our 10 favorites in the US right now. –Story by Caribbean Journal

The Honeymooner’s Guide – 10 Musts Do’s on Aruba: Aruba is known as “One Happy Island,” and honeymooners know that better than almost anyone else. The 70-square mile island just off the coast of Venezuela has everything a newlywed couple could want: One of the top 10 beaches in the world, vibrant nightlife, 365 days of sunshine, multi-national cuisine, and endless opportunities for lux post-wedding relaxation. –Story by

An Update on the Proposed Coral Bay Marina on St. John:  The Summer’s End Group was recently asked to resubmit its Army Corps application for the proposed marina in Coral Bay. Here is the latest from our friends over at Save Coral Bay. –Story by News of St. John

The Best Hotels in St Vincent and the Grenadines: Crystal clear waters, lush rainforests and thriving coral reefs are St Vincent and the Grenadines’ stock in trade, but after a day spent exploring “Vincy” and the idyllic archipelago of 31 other islands (which includes Bequia, Mustique, Canouan and Mayreau), there’s nothing we love more than to come back to a hotel that feels like home, only better. –Story by Caribbean Journal

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story. Thank you!


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