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I’m a pretty simple guy. Old flip flops, rugged beach bar t-shirt, and cold rum punch usually defines me. But when I have the chance to indulge I don’t sky away. That’s what happened on an evening sail to Rum Point during a visit to Grand Cayman.

I was sitting at the Westin Seven Mile Beach Resort pool bar killing time and watching the beach scene take shape. I was counting the minutes until it was time to climb aboard a Red Sail Sports catamaran and sail across North Sound to Rum Point. Any place with “Rum” in the name has to be special right?


We had reservations for the restaurant and I had two things on my mind–seafood and rum. Both exceed my expectations. We invited Gary, a cool South African gent that now calls the UK home, to join us on our trip to Rum Point. We met him during our Stingray City excursion and it turns out he loves rum just as much as I. Friends made in the islands over rum are not soon forgotten. But before we get to the focal point of this story, we first must eat.

I slurped down my Seafood Hot Pot–which was a mix of lobster, shrimp, scallop, mussels, clams and Shiitake Mushrooms in a mouth-watering Caribbean coconut broth. Delicious doesn’t begin to describe this dish. After a meal like that there’s only one thing that will do, a smooth aged rum. And when you’re at Rum Point, they have what you need. Disappointed I was not.


Gary and I browsed over the selection and my eyes fell upon a sexy bottle that read, Havana Club 15. The bar manager, whom I forget his name right now, was very educated in rum and traveled the Caribbean bringing back hard to find bottles for the restaurant’s selection. He went into his fascinating story about how the Havana Club 15 arrived at Rum Point and then told us the not-so-small price for a glass.

While the price might scare away the majority of rum drinkers, it didn’t phase Gary. He didn’t hesitate and ordered two glasses. We sat there looking and sipping on the smooth yet complex aged Cuban rum with big smiles on our pirate faces. Life was pretty good.


Here’s what Dave from Rum Gallery had to say about Havana Club 15:

“Havana Club Gran Reserva is a perfume of fine rums.  The bouquet is immediate, sweet and light with a whiff of leather, caramel and oaken vanilla.  Then come deeper aromas of mild dry tobacco, toasted oak and marshmallows, burnt brown sugar, tart orange peel, apricot and perhaps some peach, mildly intoxicating phenolic with butterscotch, and finally, subtle floral scents of violets.  There’s a lot going on in this rum.”

A sunset sail, unbelievable seafood, and some of the best rum I’ve had–my first trip to Rum Point was one I’ll never forget. Next time you find yourself on Grand Cayman, venture to Rum Point and let your eyes wander over the rum selection. Find a rum that speaks to you and fall in love with the feeling it gives you. That’s what I did.

Grand Cayman Rum Point


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