As beautiful as the Caribbean is, it like nearly all areas of the world is not immune from mother nature’s power. As Tropical Storm Erika soaks the northern Caribbean let’s keep in mind that the human element is the most important and for all affected to be safe.

Now for the side of the Caribbean that we all love–beaches, rum drinks and pure escape. Enjoy this week’s wrap up!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

How to Move to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands: It’s a dream for many — picking up and moving to the Caribbean. And every year, many people do just that. Of course, moving to any island has its own benefits and challenges — and we’re here to help. -Story by Caribbean Journal

Vacation in the Turks + Caicos Islands Without Breaking The Bank: It’s not easy to vacation affordably on Provo, the pricey tourist hub of the Turks and Caicos Islands. But it IS possible! –Story by JetSetSarah

Top 15 Best Caribbean All Inclusive Resorts: Welcome to your own Caribbean paradise. We’ve counted down several Caribbean resorts with with crystal-clear waters, powder-soft coral sand beaches, tropical atmospheres and world-class hotel lodgings. –Story by

The Best Beach In Grenada -Grand Anse: (Video) We’re taking you to Grenada’s most beautiful beach. I don’t know what took us so long, but this week we’re filming Grand Anse Beach. A 3.2 km long stretch of perfection on the southwestern coast of this tiny island paradise. –Story by Goats on the Road

The 10 Best Caribbean Islands: If you’re planning a tropical getaway, the Caribbean islands are a gold mine of beauty, seclusion, and adventure. Even though all the Caribbean islands are beautiful, some are better than others. So we decided to rank them. We figured that the best islands would have a low cost, be easy to get to, and have beautiful beaches and lots of activities. In most instances, we defined a Caribbean island as a single country, republic, or territory in the Caribbean. –Story by

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story.


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