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Cuba is a country that has not experienced the technological revolution seen in most other western countries, giving this island a fantastic charm, and making Cuba holidays different to your usual summer vacation. When traveling to Cuba there are some things you should know before setting out.

Take plug adapters

Throughout Cuba the only power outlets available are the two-pronged 220V kind. This means if you are traveling from North America or any country that doesn’t use the same plugs you will need to take an adapter with you. Make sure you pack one before you leave, just in case you can’t find one on the island.

Health insurance

Cuba requires that anyone traveling to the island has adequate medical insurance. This is usually included in the flight, but you must check and print off any documentation to prove that you have it. If you can’t provide this evidence at the airport you will have to buy it before you will allowed through customs.


When traveling to Cuba you need to take cash with you. The best exchange rates are usually found with euros or Canadian dollars, American dollars usually incur an additional charge. Credit and debit cards are not widely used across the island, so without cash you are likely to be frustrated.

It is also important to understand that Cuba has two currencies in use. The locals use the Cuban Peso while tourists must use the Cuban Convertible Peso. There is also dual pricing, but as a tourist it is important to just accept this and not question why.

Internet usage

If you are used to being constantly connected to the internet with your phone, tablet, computer etc. you will find Cuba very different. Since internet use in Cuba can be pricey and subject to strong regulation, you have the perfect excuse to turn off your devices, put down your screens and enjoy what this wonderful country has to offer.

Salsa dancing

Salsa dancing is a big part of Cuban culture and it’s likely that you will spend at least one (but probably many more) evenings dancing the night away. You can have lessons while you are in Cuba and being taught by a Cuban salsa teacher will be an amazing experience. However, if you want to hit the dance floor as soon as you arrive, book yourself a few lessons to get you started before you go!

Cuban dancing

Knowing what to expect when you visit Cuba can make your trip all the more enjoyable. This island is a marvelous place to visit and should be at the top of on everyone’s list.

“Post by Rebecca Hurt, an adventure seeking biology graduate, currently traveling around the globe. She likes photography and wildlife.”

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