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Books let your mind escape and imagination wander like nothing else. They keep you on the edge of your seat and have you anticipating every page turn. They can relax you, inspire you, frighten you, and cause you to dream. Funny how words on paper can do so much.

I’ve been “internet” friends with Greg Chambers for a long time. He owned a pretty kick ass clothing company called Mad Gringo back in the day and was one of the first advertisers I let on He’s a Castaway through-and-through and has recently put pen to paper and written a fictional book called The Legend of Mad Gringo. It’s loosely based on his own story of quitting the rat race and living out a dream of escaping to the tropics. Isn’t that something we all dream about sometimes?!

I wanted to find out a little more about this new book of Greg’s so I asked him if he’d be game for a little Q&A. Here’s what he teased me with…

Give us Castaways a hook, why should we read The Legend of Mad Gringo?

 – Have you ever sat on a beach, watched the sun set, and thought “what would happen if I just quit my job and stayed here?” If so, you should read this book. 
Have you ever wondered, “what’s the worst that can happen if I quit my job and started a company?” If so, you should read this book. 
And lastly, if magic hammocks, pirates, corporate intrigue, and aging California hippies sounds like you’re kind of story, you should read this book. 
Without giving too much away, what is the book about?
– The book is about 38 year old Peter Martin. He wants to make a change. That is until he learns exactly what it’s going to take to follow his dream. His journey is closely watched by friends, family and former co-workers, but they’re not the only ones with an interest. As his decision sets a series of consequences in motion, he holds on for the ride of his life.
If this book were a rum drink, what drink would it be?
– Ooh. It’s going to have to be the Piña Colada. . .those that read the book will know why!
What was your inspiration behind the book?
– The Legend of Mad Gringo comes from years and years of trying to get a little tropical shirt company, Mad Gringo, off the ground. I wrote a non-fiction book about it, the editor kind of hated it, I sulked, then I turned it into fiction and the rest is history. 
Remind us Castaway, who is Mad Gringo?
– Mad Gringo is that little voice in your head that comes out when you’re on vacation. He says, ditch the ties, throw away the suit and go live on the beach for a while. I started the company to make that little voice happy by getting people to wear tropical clothing every once in a while. Because if you don’t, your inner mad gringo might just do something crazy. 
I don’t know what else to say! Except maybe that all proceeds from this book will go to margaritas for my thirsty friends! 
There you have it. A look at the brand new book, The Legend of Mad Gringo. I’ve only had the chance to dig into the first couple chapters, but it has me hooked. A great read for letting your mind escape to St. Somewhere.
If you’d like to get your hands on either the Kindle or hard copy version, click here to grab The Legend of Mad Gringo from Amazon. I think you’re going to like it.

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