I love writing and sharing my personal Caribbean travel stories, but spending time each week picking out the best of the best for the Caribbean Wrap Up is truly a treat. It lets my mind dream and see the island through the eyes of other passion travelers. This week’s wrap up was one of those treats.

In this week’s wrap up we will drink some fine rum with Angostura, dive the Sculpture Park of Grenada, learn how to travel the Turks and Caicos on the cheap, and we’ll discover that the Caribbean does have some pretty cool hostels for the backpacking crowd.

My favorite story though is all about conch. I loooooove me some conch! Written by one of my favorites – Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon – she discovers the best places in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos to enjoy a delicious conch salad. I agree with all of her selections except for one, the best Bimini location. I’ll let you read about hers, while good, I prefer the salad at Stuart’s Conch Shack. So fresh, so juicy and an blazing hot sauce if you so choose. I choose and I like.

Enjoy the Caribbean stories!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Next Generation No. 1: The House of Angostura launches a new limited edition rum in the exclusive Cask Collection range. –Story by RumConnection.com

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park – A Modern Wonder: Divers looking for a truly unique experience in the Caribbean should head to Grenada and explore the world’s first underwater sculpture park at Moliniere Bay.  There are a range of sculptures some haunting but all so inviting to look at and explore. –Story by Caribbean & Co.

How to Take A Wallet-Friendly Vacation in the Turks and Caicos: Finding deals on Providenciales—the tourist hub of the Turks and Caicos Islands, where a hotel room can cost upwards of $1,700 night­—can be challenging. But it’s not impossible. Just take these tips for where to stay and what to do on this 38-square-mile Caribbean isle, and you can do Provo like a pro—with the leftover funds to prove it. –Story by Travel & Leisure

Where To Eat The Best Conch Salad in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos: Got conch? If you’re in the Bahamas or the Turks and Caicos Islands you definitely should! The scrumptious sea snail, which thrives in the archipelagos’ warm, shallow waters, is the star of local menus, and you’ll find it served several ways: stewed; “cracked” (battered and fried); curried; dusted with seasoned flour to make crispy fritters; or as the featured ingredient in creamy chowder. But true conch aficionados know to order it the traditional island way: as conch salad. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Backpacker’s budget – The Caribbean’s best hostels: Hostels, while an extremely popular option for travelers on a budget in Europe, are not so well-known in the rest of the world. These budget-oriented, communal accommodations encourage social interaction among guests in shared spaces such as lounges, kitchens or internet cafès. Hostels and the Caribbean make a good match, since most travelers will be outside most of the day, soaking up the sea and sunshine. –Story by USA Today Travel


If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story.


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