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Boats, Caribbean blue, float planes and a song about keeping your head up after love punches you in the stomach–something all us Castaways can probably relate to.

I’ve been listening to Kenny Chesney’s album, The Big Revival, on heavy rotation since it dropped and it’s awesome to see each song released ride a wave all the way to number one on the charts. The latest to do so is the single, Save It For A Rainy Day.

The song is a powerful message about getting over heartache and not letting it drag you down when there’s life to live. That life for us Castaways and all the Chesney fans out there is all about enjoying a boat in the bay, too cold beer, and soaking in the cascade of blue, be it from the sky or sea. Save those those tears for a cloudy day and get out there and enjoy that island lifestyle we all love and chase.

That life is on full display in Chesney’s video for Save It For A Rainy Day. Take a look.

I tried to track down the location of this video shoot and came up with a couple guesses. I was told by a pretty reliable source that it might have been Cat Cay in the Bahamas just south of Bimini. But after watching the video a couple times and having been to Cat Cay, I don’t think that’s right.

My guess is some fishing lodge area maybe around the remote islands of Andros or the Berry Islands of the Bahamas. But almost certainly the Bahamas. I’d recognize those beaming blue waters and those low lying islands anywhere.

If you have a more pin-pointed guess I’d love to hear it!


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