Shut out the stress of the world and dive into the stories in this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up. You’ll learn about the Havana Club rivalry, watch a video interview with Foxy Callwood of Jost Van Dyke, dream about a large island for sale in the Turks and Caicos and much more.

I feel more relaxed just putting this story together. Just reading about the islands seems to have that affect. Enjoy!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Havana Club vs Havana Club – Looking for Authenticity: As we become closer and closer to a settlement of the Cuban Embargo, the problems between Pernod Ricard and Bacardi over the Havana Club brand name become seriously larger.   There is a strong case on both sides for who is authentically representing the brand name to the world, but the politics between the US and Cuba have made the issue very cloudy. –Story by Bahama Bob

Backstage BVI’s Video – Part 1 of 9, Interview with Foxy, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean: Backstage BVI’s, a 9-part series hosted by Caribbean enterntainer Michael Beans, and focused on the music culture as it exists in the British Virgin Islands. Come along on an entertaining look at the islands and the people/places that make them great! –Story by

A Turks and Caicos Private Island for $60 Million: It’s one of the most expensive properties for sale in the Caribbean: Water Cay. The island, near Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands, is listed for sale at $60 million with Sotheby’s International Real Estate. –Story by Caribbean Journal

It’s Almost Time for Regatta–Bonaire’s Annual Sailing Event: For almost 50 years, Bonaire has continued to celebrate its sailing tradition by hosting the International Sailing Regatta, held each year in October. Sailors in all classes come to the island to race each other in various venues with even a category for 5- to 10-year old sailors. This age bracket competes in small craft and windsurfing events. –Story by Bonaire Insider

Discover the Newest Bahamas All Inclusive:

The 198 room upscale resort will serve as an additional option for guests seeking an all-inclusive vacation experience instead of the traditional à la carte model. –Story by

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