The South Pacific and the Maldives are famous for their shallow clear waters and their glamorous overwater bungalows. The type where you can look through the floor when you’re sleeping and see Spotted Eagle Rays and any number of fish. This type of resort has, for the most part, been absent from the Caribbean. Why? I have no idea.

That all might be coming to an end though.

Find out which island may soon be getting an overwater bungalow style resort, take a drive along the North Shore of St. John, and find the best beach bars on Anguilla in this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up.


Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

The Cuba Strategy: Cuba is already the Caribbean’s second biggest tourism destination, by visitor numbers. As the US government relaxes its decades-old restrictions on travel to Cuba, what happens to tourism in the rest of the region? –Story by Caribbean Beat

A New Overwater Bungalow Hotel Is Coming to the Caribbean: There’s a new hotel coming to the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba, and it will have something very rare in the Caribbean: overwater bungalows. The 126-suite Zoëtry Isla di Oro will be one of the only resorts in the Caribbean with overwater suites. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Video – St. John’s North Shore Road: We mentioned over on our Facebook page a few days ago that we had a stretch of gorgeous and incredibly clear weather last week. Well it was so beautiful that we wanted to share it with all of you. So we hooked up the GoPro and took a little cruise up North Shore Road. –Story by News of St. John

Anguilla Beach Bars – Top 7 Locations You Mustn’t Miss: The 7 best Anguilla beach bars below will provide you with plenty of island options for fun, relaxation, sipping from a coconut, or simply listening to the Sea for a break! Anguilla is known for its incredible restaurants, beaches, and much more – all seeming to overshadow this island’s outstanding beach bar scene. – Story by Caribbean Charter Flights

Top 40 Resorts in the Caribbean – Readers’ Choice Awards 2015: This is the cream of the crop when it comes to Caribbean resorts. How many have you spoiled yourself with? –Story by Conde Nast Traveler

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