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The Caribbean is a destination that is synonymous with laid back luxury and the stunning tropical scenery; the tranquility of those turquoise waters is ready and waiting. One of the best ways to explore the Caribbean is by boat. We’ve compiled a list of the best locations throughout the region that remain relatively untouched by mass tourism and are best enjoyed from the top deck of your magnificent charter yacht.

Sandals Emerald Bay, The Bahamas

A tropical oasis for yachting enthusiasts, Sandals Emerald Bay is located on Great Exuma in the Bahamas. There’s plenty of dock space for your charter boat to pull in and tie up. The area’s white sands and vividly blue waters entice discerning visitors and are sure to fulfill, and exceed, your expectations on your Caribbean yacht charter.

Samaná Peninsula


The waters around the Samaná Peninsula are home to a thriving array of marine wildlife, which is best explored from your private charter vessel. The mountainous landscape of the area towers beyond the unspoiled beaches and lures visitors to its scenic peaks. Moreover, one can witness the awe-inspiring sight of cruising whales from the Peninsula’s calm waters.

St. Lucia, Windward Islands

St. Lucia

Two iconic tree-covered pitons which punctuate the stunning coastline of the island of St. Lucia characterize a truly breath-taking destination. Your Caribbean yacht charter will benefit from a stop just off of Rodney Bay, where the naturally sheltering coastline provides calm waters and a perfect spot to relax.

Grenada, Windward Islands

Grenada diving

No Caribbean yacht charter would be complete without explorating the vivid colors that exist on the seabed. Grenada is a prime diving location and boasts underwater sights in abundance: primarily the Bianca C shipwreck. Dive from your yacht into rich, stunning waters to experience the best of the Caribbean.

Virgin Gorda, Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda Baths

This tropical oasis boasts the internationally renowned baths, which are unique rock formations that can be explored on foot. The island is relatively quiet and lays claim to a relaxed environment.

Shroud Cay, The Bahamas

Shroud Cay Bahamas

Bask in solitude in the waters off of Shroud Cay – an uninhabited island in the Bahamas. Part of the Exuma Land and Sea Park, this spectacular island provides a sanctuary for those wishing to evade the tourist trail. Your charter experience will be enriched by the some of the blues waters in all the Caribbean.

Salt Cay, Turks & Caicos Islands

Salt Cay Turks and Caicos

Our final location is truly unique and remains relatively untouched by tourist. Salt Cay has a culture of its own and provides a different facet to any Caribbean visit. The exquisite beaches provide a haven for visitors and locals alike.

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  1. Laurie February 16, 2016 at 11:49 am

    I love the Caribbean, it holds a place near and dear to my heart. I actually stayed at that Sandals on my Honeymoon. You picked very beautiful places. Thank you for sharing!

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