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If you’re anything like me, you have a large collection of t-shirts you’ve gotten during your travels thought the Caribbean. You put one on and it just feels good. It brings back memories and is an instant conversation starter with anyone that notices it. That island feeling is always with us salty souls.

A couple weeks ago I was introduced to Paul, owner of West Indian Rags. We talked about his brand and I knew it would be a good fit for you Castaways. Here’s what I found out.

About West Indian Rags

Paul started West Indian Rags to try and capture the essence of what it is to be West Indian. Every West Indian is from the Caribbean but not everyone from the Caribbean is West Indian.

What in the world does that mean?!

“Let me explain in one word, cricket, not the insect (that’s also found in the Caribbean) but the sport. You see everyone from the Caribbean basically enjoys the same Island Life and can relate equally to Life in the Tropics, sailing, drinking rum, fishing, liming, feteing and of course island time. But only West Indians are passionate about cricket, it’s our unspoken bond that binds us as a culture almost.”

“West Indian Rags tries to seek out this identity of all the above mentioned things of who we are and then proudly display it on our high quality apparel having faith that it will start to bind us even more. West Indians are not a race, we are not a color or a creed, we are just random people enjoying life where a few million visitors vacation every year.”

Caribbean rum shirt

“I wanted to design something that had appeal to Caribbean people and visitors alike, something not found in the typical souvenir shops that are mass produce and not of the best quality. Something unique and top class.”

“West Indian Rags has branched out from just clothing and we are trying to showcase photographers from the region with posters, tote bags, cell phone cases and mounted canvas (special order only), who knows what else will be in the pipeline.”

The Shirts

Here’s a look a couple of the comfortable shirt Castaway Crystal and myself wore on our recent trip to Lover’s Key.

West Indian Rag shirts

West Indian Rag shirts

West Indian Rag shirts

The shirts are ring-spun lightweight cotton and fit great. They run a little small so you might want to go a size bigger.

If you are interest, take a look at the West Indian Rags website and explore the several different designs they have. They also have a very cool Rhum Drinker (pictured above) and a Sailing design that I have my eye one…along with several other items.


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