Is it cold where you’re at?

You might hate me, but we had a cold front come through and now we get to sleep with our windows open. Ahhh…winter in Southwest Florida. In all honesty, I want to send warm weather to all you Castaways. We all should be knee deep in the water somewhere with the blue sky breeze blowing wind through our hair. (Thanks Zac Brown)

I hope this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up gives you a little bit of that warm weather feeling deep down in your core. After all, island-time is just a state of mind you can live with where ever you are. Just ask my BigKahuna friend Charles, he wears shorts and Hawaiian shirts in Colorado all winter long. Way to think warm my friend!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Island Hopping in the Bahamas, the best way to get around: Private pilots visiting this beautiful country have been island hopping for decades. The Bahamas is a dream destination for private pilots, with our many international airports and special fee credits as well. –Story by Small Hope Bay Lodge

Six Reasons Why You Should Visit Montserrat: Before I visited, I knew only two things about Montserrat. One: It was the home of Arrow, of “Hot, Hot, Hot” fame.  And two: It had been devastated by the Soufriere Hills volcano in 1995, when, in a series of cataclysmic eruptions, a pyroclastic flow of sulphurous gas, ash, and lava rock raced downward from its dome and completely buried the south-coast capital of Plymouth, claiming 19 lives in the process. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Grenada – Out the Waiting Room and into the Bays: I skimmed the map along the east coast of Grenada. Requin Bay in the parish of St. David became my randomly sought out destination, to no rhyme or reason beyond my attempt to eventually reach every beach and cove out of the 45-plus in Grenada. –Story by Uncover Your Caribbean

Caribbean Saltfish Fried Rice Recipe: This fried rice recipe is something I usually do when I want something quick, filling and delicious to eat and I have some leftover rice in the fridge. –Story by Caribbean Pot

Miami-Dade pursuing ferry service to Cuba from PortMiami: The largely undeveloped plot of land at PortMiami where David Beckham once wanted a soccer stadium is poised to test just how much the politics of Cuba have changed in Miami. County officials want to transform the waterfront property into a bustling terminal for ferries running between Miami and Cuba. –Story by the Miami Herald

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story.


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