Rum and islands float through my mind constantly. Does this happen to you?

As of right now I have two trips on the schedule, Nassau for the Rum Bahamas Festival where I’ll be judging some of the best rums in the Caribbean, and St. John, where I’ll be collecting photos, hiking and exploring the island from a different point of view. That and I talk about STJ so much that Castaway Crystal said put up or shut up and wants to see what all the hype is about. So off we go.

There really is no cure for all this day dreaming about escaping to white sand and blue water. The best way to deal with the island distraction is to have a trip on the books. This gives you something to look forward to and plan out. No more wishing, there’s just going.

If you don’t have a trip lined up yet, these stories in this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up will give you some day dream material.

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

El Dorado Introduces a New Wine Barrel Aged Series of 15 Year Old Rums: Six special further-matured releases from Guayana’s  El Dorado Rums, this is their 15-year-old rum finished for a year in lightly toasted casks which used to hold a variety of wines.   The final resting of the rum adds a very nice touch to the final expression. –Story by Bahama Bob

The Best Caribbean Beaches to Move To: We’ve all had that feeling on one Caribbean trip or another — “what if we don’t go back?” But this is one step further — moving to the Caribbean and living right on the beach, living steps or a short distance from the sand in your own Caribbean fantasy. Imagine waking up with the sound of the waves and opening the front door to the sea every morning. -Story by Caribbean Journal

9 Amazing Caribbean Hotels for Under $150 a Night: If winter has you dreaming of a warm-weather getaway but your budget still hasn’t recovered from the holidays, you’ll love these Caribbean escapes, where you can soak up the sun for less than $150 a night. –Story by Yahoo Travel via Jet Set Sarah

The Ultimate Jerk Chicken Dip: Though we don’t have a traditional ‘dip’ culture when it comes to food, that’s quickly changing as we start experimenting with local ingredients, flavors and influenced by cuisines from distant shores. –Story by Caribbean Pot

Virgin Gorda Must Do’s: Beyond Crystal Clear Waters And Emerald Green Views: The third-largest island in the Caribbean, Virgin Gorda has to offer not only soft and sugar-like beaches during your holiday stay, but a wealth of pastimes and activities that will amaze and delight you. We explore only some of these, as well as our favourite locations, in this article. –Story by Caribbean Charter Flights

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story.


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