March is my favorite month of the year, but it’s not without its faults. March means Spring Break and my home stretch of sand, Ft. Myers Beach, can be overwhelmed by thousands of drunken college kids. While the people watching is amazing, I much prefer a quiet stretch of sand. You’ll find plenty of those in this week’s Weekly Wrap Up.

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

St Lucia’s Rodney Bay: “Floating, the hills clear in their distances”: A perfect time here would be: early morning or late afternoon, the water calm and warm; not too many people; sea gulls and herons above; little fish nipping at your legs; in the company of one or more good friends; and just lazing, floating on my back, looking at the surrounding hills, and Morne Gimie, our highest mountain, clear in their distances.” –Story by Caribbean-Beat

Sandals to Open Overwater Bungalow Suites in Jamaica: Who hasn’t dreamt of a romantic idyll in an overwater suite? But if Bora Bora is beyond your budget, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Sandals Resort is bringing the dream within reach, announcing the debut of a clutch of overwater suites at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Jamaica – South Coast Love: The South Coast is known for it’s serenity and quiet beaches, but it is now becoming known for relaxing and fun events. In addition to the Calabash Festival and the Canoe Tournament, you can sink deeper into this warm culture with the Accompong Maroon Festival or the Agri Industrial Show. –Story by Uncover Your Caribbean

What’s It Like Flying Around The Caribbean Islands? Interview With The Pilot: Charlie Smith is a Commercial pilot flying for a regional airline in the Caribbean. We asked him a few questions about his career and how he sees his job as a private airplane pilot flying between the Caribbean islands all year round. –Story by Caribbean Charter Flights

26th Annual Moonsplash Festival in Anguilla: Moonsplash runs three straight days from dusk ’til dawn, and it is the oldest independent music festival in the Caribbean. Story by Travel to the Caribbean.

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