I took a walk today to get some fresh air. I’m not sure if it was the cloudy skies or the day’s drama, but I felt like it was time to escape to the islands. A decompress was needed.

I came home, took Castaway Crystal to watch the sunset by the Sanibel Bridge and then sat down to type of this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up. Sitting here writing about the islands and falling into daydreams every other minute does wonders for the soul. Try it. Give these stories a read and I bet you’ll feel a little refreshed.

Try it.

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

All Aboard for the Castaway Cruises: Want to cruise on a private yacht to islands no cruise ship could ever reach and do it at a great price? Of course, who wouldn’t! That’s why I, RumShopRyan, and working with Captain Mike of Tropical Escape Yacht Charters to give people an experience that will never be forgotten.  Here is the cruise schedule for the rest of the year and into 2017. Bimini, Exumas, Abacos, Turks & Caicos, and even Cuba! If you are interested, shoot me an email. –By yours truly

The Caribbean’s 5 best floating bars: A great beach bar is a must-see item on your Caribbean to-do list. Who doesn’t love a cocktail with your toes in the sand? But if you’re looking for a next-level way to experience island drinks, forget the beach and hop on a boat! These floating bars offer a unique respite from the typical beach bar as they are all only accessible by water. –Story by Virgin Islands Property & Yacht

A how-to Guide to Visiting Cuba that Finally Makes Sense: On March 15, 2016, the U.S. government made another significant change to the rules around people-to-people educational travel. Before the change, Americans were required to be accompanied by a sponsoring organization subject to U.S. jurisdiction. Now, individuals can organize their own people-to-people trips as long as they have a full-time schedule of educational exchange activities. –Story by CNN Travel

Richard Branson’s New British Virgin Islands Retreat: Move over, Necker. Sir Richard Branson has unveiled a new island retreat in the British Virgin Islands on the other private island he owns, Moskito Island. The villa, which is part of the Virgin Limited Edition collection, is now available to hire exclusively for stays of 22 guests. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Virgin Gorda Must Do’s – Beyond Crystal Clear Waters And Emerald Green Views: The third-largest island in the Caribbean, Virgin Gorda has to offer not only soft and sugar-like beaches during your holiday stay, but a wealth of pastimes and activities that will amaze and delight you. We explore only some of these, as well as our favorite locations. –Story by Caribbean Charter Flights

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story.


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