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If you’re anything like me, then you like to daydream. During the cold winter months (yes it can get chilly here in Florida) I catch myself staring at nothing. The eyes don’t register anything as the mind fills in the story. That story is almost always involves island hopping the Caribbean. Be it a sailboat or a jet, just as long as I’m (my mind) in the lower latitudes.

Want to daydream with me?

Let’s close our eyes and go south. Way south. White sand beach, amazing night life–we find ourselves on Aruba. Yes, I felt it too. That was the stress of the grind melting away.

Because this castaway isn’t made of money, and what money I do travel with usually gets spent on exploring and rum. I always look for affordable accommodations. You may think affordable is hard to do in the Caribbean, but if you know where to look, deals can be found.

That deal for me is the familiar brands of Choice Hotels. Yes, brands like Comfort Inn®, Comfort Suites®, and Quality Inn® and the Ascend Hotel Collection® that we know so well in the states can be found in the Caribbean islands. Trusted, a great value, and all great hotel destinations. Now that we have a place to call home during our Aruba day dream, the La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino an Ascend Hotel Collection hotel, it’s time to find out how this island came to be known as the Happy Island.

Aruba Hotel

What will make you happy on the Happy Island

Since we are dreaming, the possibilities are endless. World class beaches, hiking, diving, 4×4 off-road exploration, gambling, beach bars and just about anything else you can imagine. Let’s go wander.

Things to do on Aruba

When I’m on island I really like to dive in and get a feel for the rock. I’ll talk to cab drivers, bartenders and hotel staff to find the best local places. I want to sip rum and swap stories with people. On Aruba, some great places to do that are…

  • Quadirikiri and Fontein Caves
  • Ayo Rock Formations
  • Conchi Natural Pool
  • A drink at Charlie’s Bar
  • Jeep Safari Tour with ABC Tours
  • Wind Surf on the Blue Caribbean waters
  • California Lighthouse

Do you hear that phone ringing? Ignore it and let’s fall back into dream land.

Now we are sitting under towering coconut palm trees on Eagle Beach. The blue water of the Caribbean caressing the beach and the breeze blowing through the palms. There’s an empty glass next to us…wait is this a nightmare…why is the rum gone

Just as panic starts to set in, a beach attendant from La Cabana Beach Resort brings us a fresh rum punch and lobster sandwich. Bliss resumes and you can’t help but pinch yourself as the island beauty washes over you. Just don’t pinch too hard, you don’t want to wake up.

Aruba Hotels

Aruba gives us so much to dream about and experience for real.  Plan your real life adventure and you’ll discover how this island earns its nickname, The Happy Island, many times over.

Aruba the Happy Island

To make this daydream come true, learn more about an affordable Aruba vacation at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino and other Caribbean Choice Hotels® locations.

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