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The following article was written by me on behalf of Choice Hotels and I was paid to write this post. However, the opinions are entirely my own.

I’m sitting here at home trying to ignore all the work and projects that need to be done. Fix the Jeep, clean the floors, organize my filing cabinet–all things that needs to be done but I keep putting them off. I’d rather be in the islands.

Time for another daydream.

The last time an island daydream came on it was triggered by a need to escape the cold weather. I asked you to close your eyes with me as we were whisked away to the southern Caribbean island of Aruba. It was a fantastic escape even if it was only in our minds. Hopefully it’s something that will inspire you to turn your island dream into a reality.

I once again ask you to close your eyes and dream of the Caribbean. Not hard to do I know. As we close our eyes, our thoughts take us to an island that is known for its long Seven Mile Beach, amazing snorkeling and diving, wonderful hospitality, and luxurious hotels.

The island we are daydreaming about today is Grand Cayman.

Grand Cayman is a stunning island that is often thought of as a playground for the rich. But if you know where to look, affordable hotels and activities can be found all over the island. Like I mentioned before, I rather spend money on experiences and exploration, not super high-end resorts. That’s why we are staying at the Comfort Suites® Seven Mile Beach during this Grand Cayman daydream.

Grand Cayman Hotel

The Comfort Suites offers a free hot buffet breakfast, large suites with kitchenettes, free Wi-Fi, and is located right on the famous Seven Mile Beach. But before we lounge around the pool and beach, let’s drop our bags off in the plush room and set off to explore Grand Cayman.

Don’t wake up from our daydream yet, it’s just now starting to get good.

We close our eyes again and find ourselves at Rum Point. It’s on the other side of the Sound from Seven Mile Beach and it is usually faster to take a boat across than it is to drive. But when dreaming, we have the luxury of just magically appearing in places. I wish real life was like that?

Rum Point Grand Cayman

Rum Point has an amazing beach. The sand is soft and the water is so clear and blue you’d swear it wasn’t real. Rum Point also has a fantastic restaurant with a pretty good rum selection. I recommend the Havana Club 15. Rum Point is also a great place to grab one of their famous Mudslide cocktails. It’s the perfect way to calm the Caribbean heat.

Grand Cayman Beach

To get back to Seven Mile Beach, let’s hop a Red Sail Catamaran. They’ll get us back, but during our trip let’s stop and see the “must see” Stingray City. Because this is our dream, we are the only boat there. Just us and the dozens of friendly Stingrays. It’s a touristy thing to do, but something that definitely needs to be experienced. Go early to beat the crowds.

Grand Cayman

We arrive back to our hotel on Seven Mile Beach. It’s now time to relax from a day of exploration. Let’s order a Cayman Lemonade and a few Caybrews from the Comfort Suites’ pool bar and find a shady spot on the sand. We sit and watch the Caribbean waves roll ashore and sip our local drinks. While this is a dream, it’s hard to imagine this getting any better…oh, but it does.

Grand Cayman hotel

Grand Cayman is famous for something else, especially on the west facing Seven Mile Beach. Every day, as day transitions to night, people are treated to an amazing sunset. People grab their drinks and line up on the beach each night. They come because they want to see the sun slowly fall from the sky and dip into the Caribbean. While it’s one thing to dream about this spectacle, it’s another to experience in real life. Something I highly recommend.

Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach

Now open your eyes. Do you feel more relaxed? Of course you do, daydreaming of the islands does that to you. But just imagine if our journey was real. An escape like that stays with you forever.

If you want to turn this daydream into a reality and don’t want to break the bank. Check into the Comfort Suites Seven Mile Beach. It’s part of Choice Hotels, a family of affordable and well-known hotel brands. And lucky for us, they have several options in the Caribbean. Perfect for a cost conscience castaway like myself.

Choice Caribbean Hotels

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