One of the biggest thrills I get is when Castaways like yourself share with me your Caribbean and rum adventures. Nearly every day I receive a photo of a beach, asking me about a bottle of rum, or showing me that you’re living with your toes in the sand.

I’m floored that you remember to think of this humble website, and honored that you want to share it with me and other salty island lovers. What started as just a simple twitter account over 6 years ago has grown into an amazing community of passionate island travelers. It just goes to show that if you really put your mind to it, you truly can do anything, and go anywhere. That’s why I use the hashtag #JustGo.

Stop wishing, put your mind to it, and #JustGo.

Here are some great Caribbean travel stories that hopefully will inspire you to…just go.

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

5 Overwater Bungalows to Open at Sandals Royal Caribbean: 5 Overwater Bungalows will become available to guests at the popular Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica from November 15, 2016. These floating luxury hotel suites are currently being built on an offshore island from the main resort building and will be accessible by a 10-minute boat ride. –Story by Caribbean & Co.

The 25 Best Hotels in the Bahamas: With 700 islands and cays, it’s no surprise that the Bahamas has always boasted a world of great places to stay, from large hotels to chic boutiques to private islands resorts. There is something for everyone to find in the Bahamas, whether you are looking for a traditional luxurious beach getaway or a funky, hip retreat. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Caribbean Snorkeling – Unique Spots For The Best Experience: St. Barths and Virgin Gorda offers an abundance of locations that are ideal for Caribbean Snorkeling experience, but only a few distinguish themselves by offering an unmatched experience. Two of these are best Caribbean islands best for snorkeling – mostly because of their diversity in terms of snorkeling spots. We explore these two locations. –Story by Caribbean Charter Flights

Effects of the Barrel and Other Things on the Rum:  What is the effect of the charred oak barrels in the rum?   The Oak Wood softens the texture of the rum and stabilizes it.   In addition it, makes the tannins which are polimericen that give a nicer feel and flavor in the mouth. –Story by Bahama Bob

A Short Look at a Long Cay: We spent a couple of weeks anchored in Cockburn Harbour, over on the far side of this little tropical island nation. We were in a beautiful anchorage, tucked up under the lee of the island of South Caicos.  It was the first time we’ve been able to actually go somewhere new in the sailboat since we got it down here. Our previous post has some photos of the trip, and our first couple of days at South Caicos. –Story by 2 Gringos in the Caribbean

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story.


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