Where do you want to go? Where is your St. Somewhere? Is it hiking the trails of Dominica or diving the reefs of Bonaire? Or is it relaxing in luxury at an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas or sipping rum at a beach bar in the BVI?

Whatever your perfect recipe for escape looks like you’ll be able to find some of the ingredients in this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up. Enjoy the escape!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Top 10 Caribbean holidays with culture: The Caribbean is not one homogeneous entity. Its islands and countries have discrete cultural identities, in terms of their architecture, cuisine, music and way of life. Owing to their history of colonization, many places still have strong British, Hispanic, Gallic and Dutch cultures or influences, much in evidence in colonial-era towns, cities, fortresses and plantation houses. -Story by PanAmericanWorld.com

How to See James Bond’s Jamaica: Get your Goldfinger on at Jamaica’s GoldenEye Hotel & Resort (former home of James Bond creator, author Ian Fleming), where they’ve just announced a new promotional package that allows guests to follow in the footsteps of the dashing British secret agent. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Papa – Hemingway in Cuba: The new movie Papa: Hemingway in Cuba has just been released in the theaters.  This reminds me of so many places that he would hang out in Havana, San Francisco de Paula and Cojmar, Cuba. The film relates a story of a young journalist that ventured to Havana in 1959 to spend some time with his idol. –Story by Bahama Bob

Experience Mustique – The Paradise of Fun and Relaxation: For some, an island getaway involves little more than long days spent on the beach listening to the surf and letting everyday problems melt into the rhythm of the tides. For others, it means experiencing everything possible that one cannot experience closer to home. If you fall into the latter category, we want you to know there is a bountiful selection of activities in Mustique that cater to every taste, style and sense of adventure. –Story by Caribbean Charter Flights

The Ultimate All-Inclusive Resort: Back in 2010 I visited Grand Velas Riviera Maya and was blown away. In a landscape of three-star hotels posing as five, the Mexican all-inclusive resort near Playa Del Carmen proved to be the real deal, offering luxurious features and services that transcended anything I’d previously encountered in the Caribbean. Last month I had the chance to stay there again. Six years later, would the the hotel have lost its luster? And after scores of stays at other top-rates all-inclusives, would I still be impressed? I was about to find out. –Story by Caribbean Journal

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