The best beach bar in (off) Nassau, floating pizzia, exploring George Town in the Exumas, get to know Anguilla, and sip on one of Bahama Bob’s summer cocktails. All that in more in this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up!

Enjoy the escape!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

The Caribbean’s First Pizza Boat: A floating pizzeria? In a spot off the southeastern coast of St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, it’s a reality. Pizza Pi, which debuted in Christmas Cove last year, is the Caribbean’s first-ever pizza boat. –Story by Caribbean Journal

The Soul Trekkers Discover Sandy Toes: Planning on visiting Nassau, Bahamas any time soon? Then a day trip to Sandy Toes, Rose Island, Bahamas should be on your itinerary. –Story by Caribbean Soul Trekkers

A Walk Through George Town, Exuma: It sounds like it would be a large and busy town, being the Capital of Exuma, Bahamas, but George Town is thankfully, and beautifully, small and unruffled. With close proximity to Little Exuma, delightful and secluded beaches, chill spots like the Chat N Chill Bar, as well as historic landmarks like the Pompey Memorial, this relaxed and unpretentious town has a lot to offer. –Story by Uncover Your Caribbean

The Island Girl’s Guide To Experiencing The True Anguilla: I just returned home from 4 glorious days in beautiful and tranquil Anguilla. The island is super laid back and the beaches scream for you to just come and veg out on their white sands. Believe me, I did exactly that every chance I got, but I was also taken around by locals this time who showed me another side of Anguilla. –Story by The Traveling Island Girl

Lemonade with an Adult Twist: Ok it’s finally summer and nothing quenches your thirst better than ice cold lemonade.  Well here is an adult lemonade with a couple of twists.  It combines the basic ingredients of lemonade with a few twists to the mix. -Story by Bahama Bob

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