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I have a little treat for you Castaways today, here is a guest post by the one and only Castaway Crystal about her quest for the Caribbean’s perfect sand.

In the Bahamas, just three miles east of Paradise Island is a small uninhabited piece of heaven called Rose Island.

Last February, thanks to the good people of Sandy Toes Beach Bar, RumShopRyan and I had the opportunity to explore the surroundings of little Rose Island.

One of the most amazing and intriguing things I noticed about this little slice of paradise was the sand.  I know what you’re probably thinking….sand? Really? Sure there was electric blue water and a hammock in every tree and the drinks from Sandy Toes went down oh so smoothly, but I’m telling you, this sand is like no other.  It has given me a mission to find another island with that same kind of perfect sand.

Sandy Toes Rose Island

I’m a beach girl who grew up on the shores of Southwest Florida. I’ve been to many beaches and the sand is usually comparable to white sugar.  It’s light, grainy and gets into EVERYTHING!  The sand on Rose Island, I would compare to brown sugar.  It’s thick, soft, and a little easier to clean.  When you sit on the beaches of Rose Island, your body sinks in and the sand forms around you like a memory foam mattress.  I could have laid there all day with my drink in hand, looking out at the blue Bahamian water and the soft sand hugging me.  Ahhh, so relaxing.

Castaway Crystal

One thing I love about this sand is it’s still soft, even kind of squishy when it’s soaking wet.  For example, usually when you take a stroll down the shoreline of a beach, the wet sand becomes compact and it’s hard like concrete, but on Rose Island when the waves are kissing your feet, they sink into the earth and are gently caressed by the sand.


Rose Island Bahamas Sand

In conclusion, this beach girl has been spoiled and no other sand will do. Have you been to Rose Island and know what I’m talking about? Have you been to another island that has the same kind of soft, soothing, squishy sand?  If so, let me know.

I have not found another island with this same kind of textured sand, but the search sure will be fun though.  I don’t think I could ask for a better mission.

Castaway Crystal

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