Want to explore the wild side of Aruba or maybe stay in a overwater bungalow in Panama. Or maybe you’d rather explore the volcanoes of the Caribbean and dine on island style drunk chicken. Whatever you fancy, I’m sure you’ll find a story that will cause your imagination to stir in this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up.

Enjoy and remember….just go!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Caribbean Volcanoes – Fire Down Below: Shaped by subterranean forces, the islands of the Lesser Antilles are an arc of volcanoes — some extinct, some dormant, some still active. And among their dramatic forested peaks, crater lakes, and hot springs, amateur vulcanologists (and ordinary tourists) can find ample evidence of our planet’s restless energy. –Story by Caribbean Beat

Viceroy to Open Caribbean Overwater Villa Resort: Viceroy Hotel Group is planning a major new overwater hotel in the Caribbean. The company has announced plans to open the new Viceroy Bocas del Toro Panama resort and residences, slated to open in 2019 off the Caribbean coast of Panama. The property will include 186 guestrooms, including 42 overwater villas along 457 acres of coastline that includes three miles of private white sand beaches. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Island Style Drunk Grilled Chicken: Growing up on the islands, grilling/BBQ was never really something we’d have at home. BBQ at home wasn’t common (I don’t ever recall seeing a propane grill), so the odd time we’d have anything close to bbq, it would be takeout or the times we’d have village bazaars, where it would also be on sale. However when we were treated to bbq takeout.. what a feast! –Story by CaribbeanPot.com

Caribbean Hiking – 3 Islands For Exotic Wandering: The islands of the Caribbean are well known for their beaches, their relaxing retreats, and tropical cocktails. While less known, Caribbean hiking is also amazing on the islands – and just as noteworthy as any other exotic activity you should consider during your vacation. –Story by Caribbean Charter Flights

Aruba’s Wild Side: Twenty-four hours into my visit to Aruba, a tiny island 15 miles off the tip of Venezuela, I’ve slipped into an easy routine. It starts with fresh juice on the balcony of my casita at Boardwalk Aruba, on the island’s northern tip. I watch the bright green lizards soaking up the first rays of sun before cycling to nearby Dushi Bagels, a family-run cafe whose walls heave with paintings by local artists and shade is provided by palm trees wrapped in colourful crochet. –Story by the Guardian

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story.


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