I love rum. All rum.

I also love representing that rum passion by rocking some cool swag. Hats, shirts, koozies, old bottles, stickers–I can’t get enough. That’s why when I found out that one of my favorite rum brands was launching a store I jumped at the opportunity to be one of the first to grab the swag!

Say hello to the brand new Papa’s Pilar merchandise store!

If you don’t know about Papa’s Pilar Rum yet, shame on you. It’s the Ernest Hemingway branded rum and it comes in two expressions. Dive into a cocktail or sip a glass with either the Papa’s Pilar Dark and Blonde rums, they are crafted to reflect Hemingway’s passions on both land and sea.

Now back to the gear.

The store just launch and if you love representing your love of rum and the island lifestyle, then take a look at the new Papa’s Pilar merch. I’m grabbing the white Pilar hat and the performance shirt to keep the sun off me during those long days on the beach. I’ll post a photo on Facebook and Instagram as soon as the gear arrives!

Papas Pilar swag

I hope you guys like the gear. Let me know if you grab anything, tell them RumShopRyan sent you!


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