You know the feeling you get when returning form a vacation? That feeling where you need a vacation from your vacation?

That’s what we are going through.

Our two-week trip through the Bahamas that was suppose to end up in Turks and Caicos turned out to be the trip that wasn’t. I have much more to tell you about that in the coming weeks. Let’s just say boats and Mother Nature can be a son of a bitch.

During my two weeks away from the internet there’s been some really great stories come out! Here is a taste of those in this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up. Soak it up and #justgo!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

An Alphabet of Caribbean Beaches: How many amazing beaches are there in the Caribbean? Far, far too many to list. But here’s a start: a beach for every letter of the alphabet, from Anse La Roche on Carriacou to Zion Hill in Jamaica. –Story by Caribbean Beat

The Caribbean Capital of Lobster: It’s not quite clear why there are just so many lobsters in the waters of Anegada in the British Virgin Islands, waters teeming with large, juicy Caribbean spiny lobsters. Maybe it’s the warmth. Maybe it’s the reefs. Or maybe the lobsters come here to vacation. If it’s the latter, they need a better travel agent — because for them, this is a decidedly one-way trip. -Story by Caribbean Journal

The Forbidden Side Of Île Tintamarre, St. Martin: Islands just don’t get much more inviting than Île Tintamarre. Pulling up here a few months ago with Caribbean Marines was like living a cinematic dream; the kind where the imaginary soundtrack in your head progressively builds the closer you get, the crescendo coming just as the captain cuts the engines, the rhythm idling down in time with the fading rpms as the pristine private shoreline of Tintamarre’s sublime North Curve comes into focus. Most everyone who ventures to Tintamarre spends most of all their time in the North Curve… and with good reason. –Story by Uncommon Caribbean

Jamaica – Blue Lagoon: Nestled discreetly among the lush greens along the Northeastern coast of of Portland, Jamaica, the internationally acclaimed Blue Lagoon is not just an attraction, but more so an experience. The experience of the lagoon begins en route, minutes after leaving the Parish capital, Port Antonio. En route, the view of a serene stretch of beach accompanies you, though occasionally replaced by forestry. –Story by Uncover Your Caribbean

Meet the New Beach Bar Owners: Yesterday we told you how The Beach Bar sold. Today we’d like you to meet the new owners. Meet Reed and Sherry Compton. They’re a sweet couple from Alabama, and they’re super excited to be The Beach Bar’s new owners. The couple started sailing around the Virgin Islands about a dozen years ago, and they’ve always wanted to own a business on St. John. And about five years ago, they started looking pretty seriously. –Story by News of St. John

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story.


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