Ice, snow, polar vortexes…I think it’s time to mix a rum drink and hop a fast plane to the lower latitudes. If the cold weather doesn’t have you dreaming about the islands, this Caribbean Wrap Up will. Seclusion on Andros, bird watching in Jamaica, rum bar beach bars, and a St. Lucian resort that boggles the imagination–there’s plenty of motivation here to keep you a few degrees warmer.

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

The Caribbean’s Best Beach Rum Bar: We’ve long extolled the virtues of the rum bar in these pages: that is, bars that go beyond trivial cocktail rum and offer a serious, diverse offering of rums on the menu. But none of these bars has ever been right on the sand. Until now. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Bird Watching in Jamaica: Jamaica is the land of wood and water, the reggae capital of the world and the home of ackee and saltfish. But many people do not know that bird watching in Jamaica is another past time that has quietly flown under the radar. Now, the secret is out. –Story by Endless Caribbean

How to Get to Andros Island, Bahamas: Getting to Andros Island is a piece of cake! There are many ways to get to this beautiful island. Here are some of them. –Story by Small Hope Bay Lodge

Soak In Jade Mountain, St. Lucia’s Most Passionate Luxury Resort: I’ve dreamt of visiting Jade Mountain for years. Of course, a big part of that draw was to experience the 29 three-walled, individually designed rooms sanctuaries that have made the property famous. So, let’s start this review there. –Story by Uncommon Caribbean

Celebrate Christmas Caribbean-Style with the Gift of Great Rum: Rum is truly a taste of the Caribbean, so if you can’t get to the islands this holiday season, giving the gift of rum is a fine way to bring the warmth of the tropics to the ones you love. These special rums, including selections from some of the world’s leading rum experts, range from mixers appropriate for the finest cocktails to spirits to be sipped and savored whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or just the joys of the holiday season. –Story by

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