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Hey Castaways. I thought I’d pass this along in case any of you are business owners are looking to start your own business. It’s a special program happening VERY VERY soon on St. Croix.

“Most people use money to amuse themselves with nonessential, short-lived preoccupations. Other people want more out of life…they use money to impact and enrich their own lives in ways that also impact the lives of others – often for generations to come.”

Here is what Anthony, the program creator has to say.

Welcome to the Secret Island Mastermind Experience!

Hi I’m Anthony, here is a little back story on the event and how it came about.

You can say I was born with entrepreneurial blood coursing through my veins, raised in the NY metro area by descendants of Italian immigrants. In the early 1900’s my great grandfather came to the United States and started his own business. During the Great Depression he began selling beer and soda from a pushcart to dock workers and local blue collar workers. By the time my grandfather was ready to take over the business, they had expanded that little push-cart to a small storefront with two trucks doing home deliveries. As the business grew, so did the family involvement, the small storefront grew to a larger retail store and a warehouse transporting trailer loads of beer and soda for commercial delivery, paving the way for later family entrepreneurship.

So you can say if my family were sailors, I am the son of a son of a sailor…

Being of Italian descent, family was always the most important, the family moved into various different ventures in commercial and residential real estate, construction, and a variety of different things in between. Although, all along I was being groomed for the family ventures, I always had his eye on a bigger adventure.  An adventure that would lead me time and time again back to the Caribbean.  Not just for the beach, the sun, and the endless cocktails….It was a feeling that I got every time I stepped off of that plane onto an island.  The feeling of home…

So the adventure began…

It took three years of planning, preparation, a lot of hard work and dedication, but finally Adventurepreneur Escapes was born. It was born out of the overwhelming need to show people the islands I adore so much. It was born out of the need to help other entrepreneurs live their best lives possible. It was born to rapidly expand the health, wealth, and overall mindset of entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals who want to live their best lives possible.

The reality is, when we constantly push, we lose time we can never get back. We miss opportunities because of stress and lack of focus, and cause ourselves physical and mental pain. Adventurepreneur Escapes has created a way for the new on-the-go entrepreneur to reset, while at the same time building their business.

Adventurepreneur Escapes Business Adventures is a 6 day/ 7 night immersion, located on the beautiful island of St. Croix, USVI.  Designed to give entrepreneurs a space to clear their mind, network and collaborate with like-minded people, and break patterns that are holding them back with world-class coaches.

The event is taking place March 18th – 25th, 2017. So if you are interested, you need to act fast.

The week is broken up into three modules, Reset, Play, Evolve.

The first three days, Adveturepreneurs will unplug completely.  This means no phone calls, no emails, and no internet. It is a time to reset your brain, disconnect from your devices, and focus solely on yourself.

This coincides with the next module, which is play. During this time of being unplugged, entrepreneurs will experience first class private excursions and activities on the island. From scuba diving and snorkeling to going on a safari or horseback riding, it is a time for adventure and fun without pressure.

The third module is evolve. This is where the entrepreneurs will experience two full days with top-coaches who will not only guide them in breaking patterns of burnout and overwhelm, but also teach them tools on how to reset themselves in the future.

The last and final day is a full mastermind between the entrepreneurs and the coaches. It becomes a cultivated space to share ideas with each other, gain new perspective, and propel forward.  Allowing them to leave feeling rejuvenated, invigorated and excited to head home and blast forward in their business and life.

It is time to immerse yourself in the ultimate adventure escape. A place where you will reset from everyday life, engage in exciting activities, and enhance your mind. Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs while having access to the world’s top coaches to help take your business to the next level.

If you are interested in attending, please sign up here.

Thank you!

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