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Have you ever taken a trip that went so well you don’t know if another could ever top it? Right now, that’s how I feel about our trip to St. John. It was the perfect mixture of relaxation, excitement and  adventure — with a little romance.  

Today I’m going to share with you the romantic side of RumShopRyan. Sorry Ryan!

We traveled to St. John to celebrate our first year together as a couple. As if a trip to Ryan’s  favorite island and a surprise dinner at ZoZo’s on Caneel Bay wasn’t special enough, Ryan wanted to give me something else that was special — my first caribbean hook bracelet. How sweet is that?!

Zozo's St. John

One evening in Love City (how fitting) we were window shopping and stumbled upon a trendy jewelry boutique called Vibe Collection. I was immediately drawn to their selection. Out of all the hook bracelets I came across, Vibe Collection’s were the most unique. The Petroglyph engraving (the symbol of St. John) is what got me hooked (pun intended).  

I picked out my bracelet which was the Signature Caribbean Hook and floated out of the store on my little cloud of happiness. I was overwhelmed with joy from Ryan’s thoughtfulness. It was like he was welcoming me into the tribe of Island Lovers with the hook bracelet as their native symbol.

My hook bracelet is a memento with many special meanings I hold close to my heart. Everytime I look down at it, I smile. It holds precious memories from our time on St. John. It was my first piece of jewelry from Ryan. It was a gift from our first year together. It was a gesture of Ryan wanting me to share in something that he loved.

The hook bracelet itself is a symbol of love and unity if worn with the hook opening facing your heart. Aside from my engagement ring, my hook bracelet is my favorite piece of jewelry.

I am extremely drawn to Vibe Collection’s designs and like most women, I wanted more (I told you I was hooked). If you follow them on Instagram or Facebook you will see they have contests to win some of their items. I have tried many times but never had any luck.

Well, I may not be lucky when it comes to contests but I am beyond lucky when it comes to having Ryan in my life. For no reason at all (Please don’t hate me ladies), that wonderful man of mine surprised me with not one but TWO pieces from Vibe Collection.

Vibe Collection St. John USVI

I LOVE my newest additions, the Three Virgins Ring and 2mm Hook Bracelet. Both with Larimar.

Larimar is a stone found only in the Caribbean and it’s color matches the crystal blue water of the islands. The stones on the Three Virgins ring represent St. Croix and St. Thomas with St. John placed in the center. When I wear my new accessories, I can’t help but feel a little closer to the islands.

Castaway Crystal Vibe Collection

St. John Jewelry Vibe Collection

How I got so blessed with a romantic, thoughtful man with good taste, I’ll never know. What I do know is St. John is a special place for us and my jewelry from Vibe Collection keeps those memories alive on a daily basis.

Do you have anything from Vibe Collection? If so, post a picture and share it with us! If not, check them out online or visit a store next time you’re on St. John or St. Thomas (Red Hook).

-Castaway Crystal


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