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There’s something magical that washes over you when staring out over a thousand shades of blue with a cold island drink in your hand. The trade winds blow across your face, coconut palms dance above your head and smooth rum starts to relax every muscle in your body–it’s a sensory experience that a person doesn’t easily forget.

In order to relive that experience I’ve written a book that will help you relive those moments every time you take a drink. Let me introduce you to the new Castaway Cocktails recipe book, now available for download!

The Castaway Cocktails recipe book is a digital download (print version coming soon) that contains 52 Caribbean drink recipes, each one ready to take your salty soul on a trip down memory lane.

Castaway Cocktails Recipe book

The recipes are a combination of famous island drinks, recipes sent to me by Castaways like yourselves, and concoctions that I’ve created over the years. Each one comes with a short story and description of the drink. Each one will put a smile on your face. Each one is a vacation in a glass.

I invite you to purchase the book, it’s only $9. You’ll have the perfect addition to your home bar and a great tool to use when entertaining friends and family.


Get Your Castaway Cocktails Book Now!


Thank you in advance to all those that order, I know you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

There’s just something powerful about taste and smell. They leave a strong impression on our memories and help us relive those experiences when that taste or smell was first experienced. I’m hoping these drinks will help you relive that time you were sitting in White Bay sipping on a Painkiller. Or that time you landed in the Bahamas and were greeted with a Bahama Mama. Or that time in Grand Cayman you watched a sunset on Seven Mile Beach with a Cayman Lemonade in your hand. Whatever your special island memory is, I bet there’s a Castaway Cocktail just for you.



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