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Being a huge supporter for animal rescue and adoption, I HAD to check out the dog rescue on Provo called Potcake Place. When I found out you can spend some time on the beach with a four-legged bundle of cuteness (10am – 1pm), I grabbed RumShopRyan from his seat at the Blue Haven beach bar and went to find the place. It was one of my top priorities while we were visiting Turks and Caicos.

Potcake Place Turks and Caicos Dog Rescue Animal Rescue Shelter Charity

What could be a better day than playing with a puppy on beautiful Grace Bay?!  Ryan might say add a little rum to it — but give me an animal to interact with along with breathtaking scenery and I’m a happy girl.

Unfortunately, after all my anticipation, we did not get the opportunity to take a potcake for a walk on the beach. Total bummer, right!? We were too late for this in-demand activity.

Potcake Dog Rescue Animal Rescue Turks and Caicos Animal Shelter Provo

To help you Castaways not make the same mistake we did, here’s what you do. Potcake Place usually only has a few puppies that can be taken out for a morning stroll on the beach, so in order to get one, you have to get there before they open at 10am.

The shelter is more popular than I had expected and sometimes there is even a line outside.  Try to make sure you are first in line, that way you will not miss out on a doggy day of fun. You might be able to make a reservation (I thought I saw a list behind the woman at the counter), but do not hold me to that.

Some of you might be asking “Why the name Potcake?” Well, as the old saying goes, you are what you eat. Potcake is the term locals use for the leftovers of rice and peas that are caked inside a cooking pot. They then would feed these remains to the stray dogs that wander around the island. 

Potcake Potcake Place Turks and Caicos Animal Rescue Dog Rescue Animal Shelter

Potcakes originate from the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands, but with great organizations like Potcake Place, you can adopt one of these bundles of joy and bring an island pup home.  

Potcake Potcake Place Animal Shelter Dog Rescue Animal Rescue Turks and Caicos

And for you cat lovers out there, Potcake Place also has adorable kittens waiting for their purrrfect home.

Adopt Don’t Shop

– Castaway Crystal

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