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In life you have to take the bad with the good and the good with the bad. During the bad, one thing I’ve learned is that it’s always important to find the silver lining–even in the most difficult situations.

Perfect example, I’m sitting in Castaway Cove (That’s what we call our home!) with no electricity-typing by candle light because a big thunderstorm decided to fry the pole by our house (The laptop still has some juice though). It’s always an inconvenience when the power goes out, but the silver lining here is I don’t have to do laundry or vacuum right at this moment! That gives me time to focus on my writing–YESSS!!!

Some events of course are a little more strenuous than not having power for a few hours. Sometimes it’s only until you are completely out of the situation, can you look back and see the positive side with more appreciation.

Let me take you back to the last few days during our “Trip That Wasn’t.”

While suffering in our tropical hell of rough seas and a series of disappointments, a beach bar called Chat N’ Chill became our salty savior…a silver lining moment.

Chat N Chill, Beach Bar, Exumas

For the last three days during our two week nightmare cruising through the Exumas (I know, that sounds horrible doesn’t it?), we were semi-stranded in Elizabeth Harbour due to the weather. Two of those days we were without our captain who had to leave us because of a personal circumstance. Two REAL castaways!

Elizabeth Harbour, Exumas, George Town, Stocking Island

We couldn’t dock our vessel because Hurricane Matthew had taken out the dock in Georgetown a few weeks earlier – so we dropped anchor.

Even though RumShopRyan is an experienced boater, it was still unsettling to be on a rather large boat that’s anchored and captainless while having to endure the strong winds on our own. The relentless wind made it sound as if the anchor chain could snap at any moment. RumShopRyan assured me that wouldn’t happen, but the anchor could end up dragging and we could have been in a situation if it did.

Thankfully the sea gods were in our favor and the anchor held tight.

So what are two frazzled salty souls abandoned on a ship to do?! Hitch a ride on a water taxi and go to the nearest beach bar of course!

Beach Bar, Chat N' Chill, Exuma, Stocking Island

Chat N’ Chill is an Exuma favorite for many Castaways around the world. You can only get there by boat or sea plane.  It’s the perfect stop on your long sea voyage to stretch your legs, have a bite, or even get married with help from their wedding planners on staff.

Chat N' Chill, Exumas, Stocking Island, Beach Bar

Chat N' Chill, Exumas, Stocking Island, Beach Bar

Beach Bar, Stocking Island, Elizabeth Harbour, Exumas

It felt SOOOO GOOD to be on land once the water taxi dropped us off on Stocking Island where Chat N’ Chill resides. People! Civilization! Cold Beer! Fresh Conch Salad! Conch Burgers! Music! Feral Cats! Friendly Stingrays! A beautiful beach! The ground’s not moving! HORRAY!!

Chat N' Chill, Stocking Island, Exumas, Beach Bar

Conch Salad, Chat N' Chill, Exumas, Stocking Island, Beach Bar

Stingray, Chat N'Chill, Beach Bar, Exumas, Stocking Island

Stingrays, Stocking Island, Chat N' Chill, Exumas, Beach Bar

Feral Cat, Chat N' Chill, Beach Bar, Exuma, Stocking Island

To say the least, I needed a break from that boat and this place was the perfect spot for it. No matter how much you love boating, it’s easy to get a little stir crazy after a while. Especially when you are in a situation that is less than desired.

Chat N' Chill, Beach Bar, Exumas, Stocking Island

Chat N' Chill, Exumas, Beach Bar, Stocking Island

The rustic little beach bar had all the entertainment we needed to take our minds off the stress that we had been persevering through for the past few days (you can read about it all here if you need to catch up). Chat N’Chill became our tropical oasis and safe haven.

hammock, Chat N' Chill, Beach Bar, Exumas, Stocking Island

Chat N' Chill, Beach Bar, Stocking Island, Elizabeth Harbour, Exumas

Chat N' Chill, Beach Bar, Exumas,

Like I said earlier, sometimes you have to look back to appreciate and see the good in a bad situation. I don’t think I appreciated Chat N’Chill back then as much as I do now. We could have been left in a place more desolate, without anywhere to go. It’s a blessing that we made it to Elizabeth Harbour. It’s a blessing we were able to have access to water taxis. AND It’s a MIRACLE that RumShopRyan and I are still together after that trip. HA! JUST KIDDING!

Chat N' Chill, Beach Bar, Exumas, Stocking Island

So Castaways, don’t forget to always look for the good in the bad, always be thankful, keep a sense of humor, and as always… NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

PS – If you ever become somewhat stranded on a boat, make sure there is a beach bar nearby!

Castaway Crystal

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