The wind was blowing 15-20mph out of the NW. The usually calm crystal blue waters of Grace Bay had a good chop to them. Lucky for me not a hair on my head blew out of place. Castaway Crystal’s head though was another story. Destination Beach House Resort.

We were on island courtesy of The Turks and Caicos Collection, a three resort hospitality company on Providenciales.

The morning light and the sound of the waves rolling up onto the beach woke us early, as did the knowledge that we had a morning resort tour on the books. We were staying at the Alexandra Resort on Grace Bay, located just a mile up the beach from its sister property, Beach House Resort.

The attentive staff at Alexandra offered to shuttle us down to Beach House, but a short walk on the beach is a good way to get the blood moving again after a night of rum and fun.

Like I mentioned, the wind was blowing pretty good which was pushing the high tide further up the beach than usual. The salty waves crashed into our ankles as we stopped for photos.

Grace Bay Turks and Caicos

Grace Bay Turks and Caicos

After about 30 minutes of walking down the sand we came upon Beach House Resort. The property is a stark contrast to the mega-resorts like many others that line Grace Bay. This luxury 21-suite boutique resort caters to those looking to escape into simplistic bliss.

We walked the grounds, being shown around by the GM and Alex, our new friend and marketing person for the TCI Collection. The pool was wrapped with lush tropical growth and spaced-out loungers stood ready for their lucky occupants.

Beach House Resort

Beach House Resort

Beach House Resort

I don’t know about you, but walking the grounds of tropical resorts makes me THIRSTY!

It was time for a stop at the small beach bar located on the Beach House’s beachside lounge area.

Wendy was manning the bar with a smile and something special. That something special would come in a glass.

It’s called the Shaminada. I’m sure I murdered the spelling of that, but just listen to Wendy say it, it’s much prettier when she does it.

Castaway Crystal and I sipped a couple Shaminadas and maybe a Turks Head Lager or two. We watched the waves of Grace Bay roll in and roll out. We talked about the beauty of Beach House Resort and the rest of the Turks and Caicos Islands. A calmness fell on us just as it was time to trek back up the beach to Alexandra Resort.


Grace Bay Turks and Caicos

Thank you to Wendy and the rest of the staff at Beach House, you work in paradise.


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